Vicar Writes


31 Dec 2017

For A Year Of...

  • Bulletin Writing...inspiration to write and for those who read them faithfully
  • Preaching...and those who listened attentively
  • Managing...for the work of PCC, wardens, sub-committee members and staff to ensure smooth running of SAC
  • Giving...where generosity has been shown for the Lord’s work
  • Creating...where designers, worship leaders, organists, singers, dancers, choir members and musicians have redeemed beauty, music and creativity for the Creator
  • Serving...servers, ushers, flower arrangers, kneeler-makers, cleaners etc who have kept the Lord’s House in good order
  • Going...SAC members who have crossed cultures to give and bless
  • Inviting...guests who participated in an Alpha Course, Connect Group or Weekend Service
  • Praying...alone, in small groups and in our prayer gatherings
  • Visiting...bringing church to the house-bound and infirmed
  • Leaving...where every saint who had returned to the Lord is remembered within the communion of saints
  • Cleaving...for new matrimony bonds and every father and bride who have walked the aisle
  • Bonding...for every Christian friendship formed or deepened
  • Loving...where every act done in love was a quiet eternal investment
  • Pastoring...where every Service Pastor, Service Leadership team and Connect Group has endeavoured to keep the Cathedral “small” and personal
  • Encouraging...where we have found room to give courage and embolden another
  • Forgiving...for every wrong thought, word or deed against one another and the Lord (and your forgiveness as I am sure this list has left out some)

Indeed, for everyone who count themselves as a part of the Cathedral community, we can say to each other:

“I thank my God for every remembrance of you.” (Philippians 1:3)

Thank You and thank you.