Jillian Lee, Pei Lee and host Jenni Ho-Huan chat about the importance of exercising our minds in our faith, the metanarrative we all need, and do a live think-through on the knotty subject of having children today.
Katharyn Peh, arts enthusiast and mobiliser talks about her journey into the world of Art, the challenges artists face today, how art opens us up to truth, and having fruitful art experiences and expressions.
A broad conversation with lawyer-poet Aaron Lee about art, biblical imagination, local works, poetry and faith. Listen for a treat as he reads Just Some Found Words, a poem on truth, love and beauty.
Do we truly believe that God made each life unique and purposeful? Jasmine Goh, special kids volunteer and parents Gerald and Anne Png share their experiences and insights to help us empathise and enter the world of special children.
Family life is always a challenge. Jason Wong weighs in with his varied experiences leading The Yellow Ribbon Project and Dads for Life on why this is so, and the central shift required for all families to thrive.
Revd Hambali and pastoral staff Crystal Hong share on their very different faith journeys, and their work with the next gen that is seeking and sharing God’s reality in fresh ways.
Nature or Nurture? Social scientist Dr Desiree Phua shares her ongoing discovery about how Science and Faith meet and conflict in her academic and professional journey.
Cathedral member Keith Leong, trained in religion and science, shares with Pei Lee and Jenni insights on how and why we tend to think Science contradicts Faith, and how they can get along.
Faith journeys have common and unique elements. Sr Pastor Chris Chia of Adam Rd Presbyterian Church shares how his began at a rally, and led to the pulpit.
Celebration of Hope will have touches from other cultures in their rallies. Pastors Chern Hock Chye, Samuel Gift and Jun Undag share in this multilingual chat with a musical surprise!
Philip Ng, among Singapore’s wealthiest, shares how his faith journey shapes his views and convictions, and the movement - personal and corporate - from transaction to Grace.
Pastor and Ethicist, Nathanael Goh shares how Premier League Football, Thomas Aquinas and our daily choices involve ethics and how our faith calls us to a joyful vision and a responsible moral journey.