We get real about social justice with two movement leaders, Eugene Seow and Dr Goh Wei Leong. Hear their journeys, stories and hard truths about meeting real needs often gone unnoticed and unmet.
What do you do when you don’t fit in? Dr Dominique Phang, a mother of two, and Aaron Chan, help us understand how church can be more inclusive, more Ohana.
Drawing from Scripture, theology and experience, Pastor and Interfaith activist Rev Malcolm Tan discusses how we can have a robust faith and a peaceable witness living in a society as diverse as Singapore.
Chong Ee Jay and Constance Fourie help us understand what sexual brokenness is, why it’s shrouded in shame and how we can get honest, be more empathetic and journey together towards hope.
Elvin and Esther Foong talk about God’s call to inspire and resource fellow Christian parents to be intentional about the spiritual formation of their children. Listen out for their happy original song too.
What began as dull work grew into a vision as Anil David dreamt of a better future for his fellow inmates. Joined by his manager in the women’s prison, Gina Tan, they inspire us that work brings dignity, and faith can be ground-breaking.
Humans long for intimate connection, and nowhere is this more evident than in marriage. Husband-wife team Gary and Joanna Koh share candidly the trials and triumphs of building sexual intimacy in marriage.
Cru creative strategist Simon Seow introduces us to a different kind of hacking – using technology to solve missional challenges and spur online spiritual engagement and discipleship.
Regina Wong opens our minds and hearts regarding a group we rarely talk about in Singapore, the homeless. Her story encounters and insights give us much food for thought and cause for action.
The Bible uses the idea of citizenship for both our commitment to Christ as well as our contribution to national life. Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun, Church History lecturer discusses the latter with some help from his favourite fantasy author Terry Pratchett.
The Cathedral bells are going to ring again! Andrew Reynolds and Vivien Chen let us in on the history, spiritual significance and little known technical facts about the bells.
A broad and instructive conversation with Vicar Terry Wong on Spiritual leadership, the Cathedral as a living monument and challenges in Christian discipleship today.