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The Cathedral Women’s Fellowship (CWF) seeks to foster fellowship among women in the Cathedral by engaging women in areas of service and through talks and activities.  The CWF has the following ministries:

  1. C-SPA (CWF - Scripture, Prayer, Application) – Members meet every Wednesday morning and once a month on Saturday to deepen their understanding and application of the Scripture.
  2. Caring & Sharing – There are 2 teams under Caring & Sharing, namely the Caring Team and the Visitations Team.
    • Caring Team
      The Caring Team visits the St Andrew’s Home for the Aged once a month on a weekday. Apart from the care and treats given to the residents, the key purpose of the monthly visitation is to bring church worship to the Home. Hence, we bring praise and worship, sharing God’s Word, Holy Communion and prayers for the Home’s residents.
    • Visitations Team
      The Visitation team, together with a pastor, visits those housebound staying in their own homes on Monday or Tuesday mornings. A pastor also assists the team to visit those staying in hospitals, nursing and old age homes.  The team seeks to represent and bring our church to our visitees.  We share church worship through singing of hymns, sharing of God’s word, Holy Communion and prayers. The team fosters friendship and offers comfort through the celebrating of birthdays and keeping contact with them fortnightly through our phone ministry.
  3. Church Linen – The Church Linen team washes and irons the Communion linen each week for worship services.
  4. Craft – The Craft team makes cross stitch, crochet and beaded items for use as gifts and souvenirs.  The group meets once a month, on Sat afternoons.
  5. Flower – The Flower Team is responsible for floral arrangements for the weekly worship services and weddings at the Cathedral. The team meets on Fridays and Saturdays to prepare and arrange the flowers.
  6. Programmes – The Programmes team organises talks, retreats and activities which are open to both men and women to foster and strengthen fellowship among them.
  7. Sewing & Embroidery – The Sewing & Embroidery team sews and embroiders the linen, altar cloths, clergy stoles, frontals and other items used in the Cathedral’s worship services.  The team meets twice a month on Thursday mornings.

If you would like to join the CWF, please write to cwf@cathedral.org.sg or call 63376104. We welcome you to join and support us in our ministries.