21 January 2018 | Vicar Writes

A January Update

By Terry Wong

Arising from response to last Sunday’s Vicar Writes, I should take this opportunity to offer an apology for those who may be disturbed or stumbled by what may have come across as an oblique criticism of those who are serving in the Sidesmen’s Ministry or managing our security concerns. That was certainly not my intention as apart from using a convenient illustration for the point on “the fallible serving in a fallible world,” I was hoping to communicate to all those who serve in our frontier ministry of liaising with visitors to be more conscious of how well-intended policies in SAC can sometimes turn people away from our Christian message.

The weekly commitment and dedicated service of all our ushers, welcome desk helpers, security personnel, vergers, cafe baristas is commendable as each strives to give their best to the Lord. There is however the occasional visitor or even member who may be unreasonable in their demands, adding a lot of pressure to this ministry. At the same time, security is of concern given the open nature of SAC facilities as some do come in with ulterior or criminal motives. We need to appreciate the work that those serving in the frontline are doing. We also ask members to cooperate and be patient. While SAC is a public place, we do want to relate to each other as a member of the family of Christ.

AGM 2018 is scheduled for 22nd of April. In preparation for that, we hope to organise one or two Town Hall Meetings. The first will be on the 25th of February at 2pm at the Cafe. We hope to look at a few issues, including how we may welcome foreigners who visit our grounds every Sunday and other areas of concern for the wider SAC community. A Town Hall meeting allows for feedback, information and discussions on issues that those who gather have interest in. We will announce the issues to be discussed as soon as we are able. If you feel certain issues need to be raised at these meetings, please email Vivien Chen at

SAC leaders will be gathered next weekend to pray and discuss around SAC’s “three-year Vision,” 2018-2020. When leaders stand together, heart to heart, any church will grow to be a strong one. Such a conference will help ministries Cathedral-wide to move in tandem together. When leaders know each other personally, partnership and synergy becomes possible. Indeed, each participant will get to know a few more who are serving in the same vineyard. These friendships are always precious in the Lord’s work.

I had a very good and fruitful meeting with the leaders from our Myanmar Worship Service (MWS) last Sunday. They hope to conduct health-checks for the foreigners on our grounds on a regular basis. This will be done in cooperation with SAC Medical Missions and the wider SAC family. There is currently one English class conducted between 11am to 1pm every Sunday. If you would like to help with this, please contact Moses Israeli at They have also started educating their members on how to keep the grounds clean and from there, also communicate the same to foreigners. Plans are also afoot to communicate to them to use restroom facilities outside of our grounds as our toilet facilities are limited and barely able to cope with the needs of worshippers every Sunday. Finding a balance of welcome, discipline and order is always a challenge, and we appreciate MWS’s help in this.