Arranging for Wake and Funeral Services

In the event of the death of a family member who is a member of St Andrew’s Cathedral (SAC), and you wish for a pastor from SAC to conduct the wake and funeral services, please refer to the following steps:

If death occurs during office hours

Please call the church office at 6337 6104. Our office hours are as follows:

Mon - Sun

9am – 5pm

If death occurs outside office hours

  1. If you belong to a cell group, please call your Cell Group Leader (CGL).
  2. If you are currently not in a cell group, please contact one of the Funeral Directors who will assist with the immediate wake & funeral arrangements. You may call the church office the next day to make the necessary arrangements for the wake and funeral services.


List of Recommended Funeral Directors

Serenity Casket & Funerals
Contact: 9618 6689 (Elson)
Tel: 6289 6689

Hosanna Bereavement Services
Contact: 9760 2279
Tel: 6352 7797

Harmony Funeral Care
Contact: 9489 2424

List of Additional Wake Locations

Garden of Remembrance
Tel: 6795 8978 / 9836 0950
Address: 920 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, S699815

Singapore Funeral Parlour
Tel: 6322 6322
Address: 91 Tampines Link, S528746

Church of the Epiphany
Tel: 6481 4358
Address: 407 Jalan Kayu, S799512