Planning to get married in the Cathedral?

Congratulations! Marriage is a wonderful gift to life and as you both plan to start life together, we pray for you that you may experience the riches of His love and blessings.

The sections below can guide you as you consider getting married in the Cathedral.

Why should I marry or get solemnised in Church? (What if I am already married by civil rights)

Marriage, as instituted by God, is a covenant of love made by two people before God who calls and sets apart the couple for holy matrimony – a lifelong intimate relationship between a man and a woman. As such we strongly advise couples planning their Christian wedding to get solemnised in the Church, where every element of the wedding service is integral as marks of a Christian wedding. The couple will receive special prayers of blessing before the signing of the register. 

If you have already been solemnised in a non-Christian ceremony and now wish to blessed in a ceremony before God, a separate Blessings Service may be conducted. Please speak to your service pastor in the Cathedral for advice.

Can anyone get married in the Cathedral?

We do not rent out the Cathedral premises to non-members of the Cathedral for weddings as we believe it is more meaningful for Christians to be married in their own churches where they worship in and where they will serve in. Additionally the Cathedral may be used for weddings of first marriages only.

As long as one party is a confirmed member of good standing of the Cathedral, we are more than happy to conduct the Church Wedding for you. Do note that you will need to make your application about one year ahead, and also attend our Marriage Preparation Course held twice yearly.

For further enquiries, please contact Jowenna at

Planning your Wedding

Do plan to attend the Marriage Preparation Course before you do anything else as this will help you to work on your relationship without the pressure of an impending wedding. After that, you will need to fix a date and secure a location for your wedding and possibly a wedding lunch/dinner as per your cultural customs.

Remember to send in your application for use of the Cathedral early if you plan to have your wedding in the Cathedral, as it is subject to a pastoral interview before your dates are confirmed. Do note that no weddings will be conducted in the Cathedral during Lent (40 days leading up to Easter), as it is a season of remembering the death of Christ and is marked by fasting, repentance and solemn reflection.

You will need to file a notice at Registry of Marriage not earlier than 3 months before your wedding date, with consent of the person solemnising your marriage. If you are holding your wedding in the Cathedral, one of our licensed priests will be your solemniser.

Do visit for more information on the legal requirements.

The Wedding Ceremony

Weddings held in the Cathedral will follow the Order of Marriage Services by the Diocese of Singapore. The flow of the service will generally be as follows:

  1. Bridal March
  2. Opening Song(s)
  3. Introductory words
  4. Declarations of Consent
  5. Marriage Vows
  6. Exchange of Rings
  7. Acclamations
  8. Scripture Reading
  9. Exhortation
  10. Holy Communion (optional)
  11. Prayers
  12. Closing Song(s)
  13. Registration of Marriage
  14. Recessional March

The priest conducting the service will be glad to walk through the service order with you. Usually a rehearsal is conducted a few days before the wedding with all parties involved to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day.

Marriage Preparation Course

As part of our ministry to the couples who plan to be married in the Cathedral, we have put together a 7-week Marriage Preparation Course so that you will be fully prepared not just for the wedding but more importantly for your marriage. The wedding is but a day, but your marriage is for a lifetime. We hope both of you will fully commit to preparing well for your marriage by taking this journey with us in attending the Marriage Preparation Course.