Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


19 February 2017 | Vicar Writes

At last month’s PCC meeting, being the first meeting of the year, we spent some time in sharing thanksgiving items for SAC in 2016. Various matters were shared, such as:

•    The start and growth of the eleven:30 Service

•    Greater sense of cooperation across the Services

•    Stronger sense of community and love

•    Good planning and start of Cathedral Biblical Studies (CBS)

•    Effectiveness of the Alpha Course

•    Growth in Myanmar Service

•    More Connect Groups

•    The impact of the weekly Vicar Writes

•    Growth in our Services

Each was also asked to share one item for prayer. What was constantly hoped for is REVIVAL IN SAC, as some longed for the spiritual life and vitality experienced during the 70’s onward. I believe they are also expressing the prayers and hope of many in our congregation. 

We may find it hard to describe in clearer detail what revival may mean but somehow, in our hearts and seeing, it is one of those things that we intuitively understand, especially if you have been a Christian for a while.  

The yearning for more, the “magnificent obsession” or “holy dissatisfaction,” phrases which other Christian leaders have used is an essential expression, a heart cry of one who loves the Lord and longs for His Kingdom to be fully revealed. We intuitively know that we are always off the mark when it comes to returning to our first love. We long for more, for a deeper reality, for  a felt presence of the Lord in our daily lives.

The heartfelt lyrics of the prayer in song, Consuming Fire by Tim Hughes reflect this: 

There must be more than this

O breath of God, come breathe within

There must be more than this

Spirit of God we wait for You

Fill us anew we pray

Fill us anew we pray


Consuming fire fan into flame

A passion for Your name

Spirit of God fall in this place

Lord have Your way with us


The final prayer of the Revelator, also expresses this loving and yearning heart cry: “Even so, Come Lord Jesus.”  (Revelation 22:20) 

It need not be a passive cry or desire. Often, what stands in the way could be us. Our lack of prayer and attention to the Lord, His Word, our selfish sinful habits and our preoccupation with things and gadgets which drains our attention and energy can all stand in the way of a blessed life.


Some of the matters ever will be waited
on the Lord in our worship and prayer
every month at our Cathedral@Prayer.
Do join us. 

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