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Vicar Writes


8 May 2016 | Vicar Writes

A Season of Retreats and Camps

By Terry Wong

The Young Adults had theirs two weekends ago. I was at the 7 am, 5 pm and 7.30pm Retreat in Ipoh last weekend. We enjoyed the messages by Revd Clement Wong on “Being a people of His presence.” We were reminded again on how much we need the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

 We were also refreshed by being in this interesting and rather laid back valley city. There was a lot of fun and laughter as we got to know each other over good Cantonese fare Ipoh-style. We also shared our common concerns about the life and ministry of SAC. 

 While we were there, the children ministry leaders and workers across our Services were also gathered at Batam. I am sure they had a blessed time. Such moments are indeed rare but an essential part of “walls down” as we treasure the opportunity for community. This reminds me of my recent experience in the 9 am Service where everyone wore a sticker with their names on it. What a difference that made.

 There are two more Camps coming in June for the rest of the Services. I have resolved to attend all to get to know more members and also sense what the Lord is doing. As I said, it is a rare opportunity for us to cease being “ships passing each other in the night” (often a Sunday experience) and we look forward to meeting some of you in these Camps. 

 Last Saturday, the Cathedral Women’s Fellowship organized a cooking demo which was very well attended. We had some fun time together and it was another opportunity to know members and guests who share a passion for home cooking. Indeed cooking brings people together, whether families in homes or communities in the church. I am aware that more would like an opportunity to learn those dishes and we will plan another similar event at some point. 

 There are also short mission trips being organized to Indonesia and Cambodia over this period. It is hard to describe how enriching it is when we use our vacation time to serve others. It will be a memorable experience and you will be just as blessed as you seek to be a blessing to others. 

 We are now into the book of James in our sermon series. The Connect Group material is also ready for use and I encourage your group to get into it if you are able, if not now, later in the year.