Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are entering into a season of prayer, fasting and seeking the Lord for the nation. Prayer is also a discipline that bring us closer to His presence. For Anglicans, the idea of daily prayer is of course not new. We have a few avenues:

1. We offer daily prayer services (“offices”), the timing:

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday – 7.30 am : Morning Prayer @ Epiphany Chapel
  • Tuesday – 7.30 am : Clergy & Leaders Holy Communion @ Nave
  • Wednesday – 12.30 pm : Holy Communion @ Nave
  • Thursday – 9.30 am : Holy Communion @ Chapel for All Peoples

2. We are also hosting City@Prayer, Monday to Friday, 1st July to 8th August, 12.30pm to 1.30pm at the South Transept.

3. Then, every evening from 1st July to 7th August, Solemn Assemblies are hosted in churches across the city.

The list of dates and locations are available at this link:

This is a historic season as we build up towards the Celebration of Hope in May 2019.

Do join the Body of Christ to seek His face together.


In Christ,
Pas Terry