Advisory for members and visitors Updated as at 23 Mar 2020

Closure of St Andrew’s Cathedral, 18 March to 3rd April 2020, Suspension of Weekend Services till past 30th April 
The Cathedral will be closed from 2359h on Wednesday 18 March 2020 to 2359h on 3rd April 2020. Weekend Services will be suspended till past 30th April. Per advice of the Ministry of Health (MOH), if any member should receive a call on contact tracing, he/she should request to call back, and seek verification from MOH on the authenticity of the call. Members can phone 63259220 to verify. For enquiries, please email

20 Mar Pastoral Letter from Bishop-Designate Revd Canon Dr Titus Chung and Vicar Revd Canon Terry Wong

21 Mar Pastoral Letter to the Anglican Flock from Bishop Rennis Ponniah 

23 Mar Guidance To Parishioners - When someone in the same church service is diagnosed to have COVID-19...

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