Christian Education is the God-centred, Bible-based and Holy Spirit-empowered Teaching-Learning process, through which the church community is guided at every stage of the member’s life journey, to grow in the knowledge and love of God, and be discipled to obey His commandments and walk in His ways.

Our purpose and goal is to present everyone mature in Christ (Col 1:28; Eph 4:13) so that God may be glorified in every aspect of the Christian’s life. It encompasses more than just Bible knowledge per se, as it is the holistic education of the individual which includes aspects of developing a Christian Mind, Christian Spirituality, Christian Living, and Christian Formation.

In 2024, the rhythm of studies and equipping will be as follows:




Tues (night)

Wed/Thurs (night)

  • Christian Education (CE) courses

Thurs (night)

Sat (morning)

 SAC Leader’s Equipping / Training courses

Sat/Sun (afternoon)

  • Christian Formation (Membership courses)


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