Part of the Faith and Life Track

Online class
Tues 8, 15, 22 Sept, 7:30-9:30pm
Facilitator: Ms Jillian Lee
Cost: $10

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What’s my calling?
Is there more to the Christian life than going to church and being a good person?
Why doesn’t God just show me what to do with my life? 

If you’ve ever asked these questions (or others like them), understanding God’s Grand Story and your role in it might give you some perspective, as well as a Biblical framework to help you make sense of life. Come be immersed in the Greatest Story of all time, and see God, the world, the Christian life, and your calling in a fresh way! 

The class will be conducted online and involve both lecture and break-out groups. 

Note: While each module can be taken as a standalone unit, 'God's Grand Story, Our Christian Worldview' serves as an important foundation for other modules in this track.

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