Episode 5 Philip Ng, among Singapore’s wealthiest, shares how his faith journey shapes his views and convictions, and the movement - personal and corporate - from transaction to Grace.
Episode 4 Pastor and Ethicist, Nathanael Goh shares how Premier League, Thomas Aquinas and our daily choices involve ethics and how our faith calls us to a joyful vision and a responsible moral journey.
Episode 3 Hear the journey, the theology and the heart behind the Celebration of Hope from Bishop Rennis Ponniah and Revd Tony Yeo and get ready to hop on board!
Episode 2 A raw and honest conversation with Judith about how life is a tapestry of pain, mystery and healing – wading through the debris of 9/11, life-threatening surgery and Post Traumatic Stress.
Episode 1 Faith can feel like something we do on weekends in church, separate from life. Our Vicar, Terry Wong introduces the Faith-life Integration track, the team and this podcast.

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