The Cathedral Podcast

Just how many, how diverse, and how united is the Singapore church? We talk with Ng Zhiwen, a local mission-enabler who has spent nearly a decade finding out just that.


Faith starts off as a seed. Prof Lawrence Chia shares insights from his eventful life to show us how faith grows, deepens and creatively responds to life’s realities.


Potters Kenneth and Huiwen, founders of Asobi Studio share the contours of their journey to step away from the mainstream to pursue life-giving joy and a simpler life built around core values.


Nearly a quarter-million maids work in Singapore. James Quek helps us look deeper at this social and economic reality to see the lives of these women, and what we can do to honour their humanity and work.


We get real about social justice with two movement leaders, Eugene Seow and Dr Goh Wei Leong. Hear their journeys, stories and hard truths about meeting real needs often gone unnoticed and unmet.

Community Service

What do you do when you don’t fit in? Dr Dominique Phang, a mother of two, and Aaron Chan, help us understand how church can be more inclusive, more Ohana.



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