We feel the loss through Covid-19. Soo Inn and Bernice of Graceworks helps us understand why friendship is so essential.


We are creatures of feeling, and often find ourselves surprised by our emotions. Jenni shares her personal and pastoral insights on managing and maturing our emotions.


Scientist Benjamin and Ps Kuo Yong help us to see why caring for creation is a part of a Christian’s calling.


In this time of post-truth, how can we look to the Bible as an authority? One time lawyer and policy adviser Max Jeganathan discusses legitimacy and our real struggles in submitting to the Bible.


Lawyer Ronald JJ Wong helps us understand what social justice is and why it is so critical to our faith and how we can work towards it.


Staying at Home in Holy Week - A Conversation with Two Vicars, Revd Daniel Wee and Canon Terry Wong, recorded just before PM's speech on 3rd April


This convo with Edric Sng, editor of thir.st and Salt and Light about the online world is even more pertinent in view of Covid-19, though here we focus on the next gen who are digital natives.


Work has a bad rep. Should we see it differently? Marketplace advocate Timothy Liu discusses the value and significance of work from a faith perspective.


Surely God does not want us to be sick? Rev Wong Tak Meng guides us pastorally and Scripturally to learn how to view and go through sickness, individually and as a church.


Can observing Lent transform your life? Pastor Ian Chew and theological student Gabriel Tan help us with the origins, purpose, and power of the forty-day season that culminates with the Resurrection.


What is family? With three boys of their own, Joseph and Li Ping Gan share how they were led to foster two more. Hear their journey of conviction, preparation and how the church helped.


Just how many, how diverse, and how united is the Singapore church? We talk with Ng Zhiwen, a local mission-enabler who has spent nearly a decade finding out just that.


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Revd Daniel Lim shares at the Lent / Holy Week / Easter