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Restricted Vehicular Access to SAC due to NDP 2023
Due to the National Day Parade rehearsals and its related events, vehicular access to SAC will be restricted during the period starting from 10 June - 29 July.

There will be no vehicular access at all times on the following dates:
Saturdays: 10, 17, 24, Jun, 8, 15, 22, and 29 Jul
Sunday: 2 Jul

Worshippers who are driving to SAC during these times may choose to park at Raffles City or Funan.

Reminders to members

Throughout this time, pedestrian access will be available in accordance with SAC’s regular opening hours. As a surge in crowds is expected due to the rehearsals, all worshippers are advised to check for updates to road closures and allow more time to get to events and services at SAC.

Impact to services

All services will carry on at the usual timings. The Saturday Service at 5.30 pm will move to the Prayer Halls during this period due to potential interruptions by the ongoing rehearsals and shows at the Padang.


Weekly Services at Cathedral