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Overseas Missions

289 Fellowship of the Manger
289 FOTM was started in late 2009 by the then Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral to help the poor and needy seen through the earlier medical missions to Batam. Over the years, various efforts to help include food pack distributions, children’s programmes and visitations, and a clean water project in the villages. The team also worked with the “Bridge of Faith” worship team in 2010 in Dapur Duabelas village in a microfinancing project to empower them to make their own living. Despite the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak, the mission continues, albeit with our Batam partners in the frontline, and Singapore volunteers supporting from home. Presently, in partnership with Gereja Anglikan Indonesia (GAI) and Peduli Bangsa, 289 FOTM has adopted four different villages in Batam.

  • Being an English Tutor
    We are currently exploring the feasibility of implementing such a role with Batam. The objective is to equip the students with a functional command of English in order to communicate with those around them. The dates and times for lessons will be confirmed in collaboration with all parties. This role is most suitable for people with teaching experience and ability to communicate simply across language barriers. Volunteers should also be tech-savvy and willing to prepare their own lessons. Commitment should last 6 months.
  • Activities Organiser
    Presently, interactive activities such as music, craft and dances are conducted online through various digital media including Zoom and video recordings. These activities are usually requested by our Indonesian partners, although we welcome suggestions. Do please take note that activities would need to be planned in consultation with the Missions Department in St Andrew’s Cathedral and preferably with a runway of 6 months
  • Mission Tripper
    Information regarding short term trips in 2022 will be made available as time progresses. Please be aware that a screening process will be put in place.

Read the Missions Handbook with updates on the Missions Works of St Andrew’s Cathedral

Project Khmer H.O.P.E. (PKH)
PKH serves to meet the social and economic needs of the poor and needy in Cambodia, to help them break out of the cycle of poverty. It provides residential vocational training for youths, before-after school care for tribal children, English tuition for children from the community and government-run orphanages, and a safe home/orphanage for disadvantaged children.

  • English Tutor
    The PKH Centre in Aoral teaches technical skills. It also conducts English lessons at night. The objective is to equip the students with a functional command of the English in order to communicate with their employers and others around them. These lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays (with a view towards opening a Wednesday class) are conducted at night from 7:45pm – 9:00pm Singapore time over zoom. This role is most suitable for people with teaching experience and able to communicate simply across language barriers. Volunteers should also be tech-savvy and willing to prepare their own lessons according to the provided materials. Commitments should last one year.
  • Share Devotions
    You can also share devotions from the Bible to encourage the staff at PKH on Wednesdays from 2 to 3pm Singapore time. This role is suitable for volunteers with a keen grasp of the Word of God, yet able to bring its truths across in a fun and engaging manner. Volunteers should be tech-savvy and willing to prepare their own materials from scratch. Commitments should last one year.

Local Missions

Cathedral has had a long presence in the Bukit Merah area, through the Boys Brigade Company at Gan Eng Seng Primary School since 2006. Additionally, from 2020, Lazarus Ministry (Cathedral’s ministry to the rough sleepers) also started walking the Bukit Merah area to minister to those in need.

It seems that the Lord is expanding our scope to also minister to the residents in the area. Through ABC we hope to invite Cathedral members to consider a long-term commitment in ministering to the people living in Bukit Merah.


The objective of potential volunteers would be to connect with and befriend less fortunate members of society in the Bukit Merah View and Henderson area. At present, in partnership with LifeHouse SG, St Andrew’s Cathedral aims to adopt block 118 and selected households within block 119 at Bukit Merah View. This is a long-term commitment of at least one year on the first Saturday of each month from 9.30am to 12pm. Patient endurance is key as we pray that the residents open to us. 

  • Food Pack Deliverer
    You can join in the work as a food pack deliverer on the first Saturday of every month from 9.30am to 12pm. The residents of Blk 118 wait in anticipation and welcome the efforts to provide for their needs.
  • Activities Organiser
    More action-oriented individuals may consider volunteering as one-off activities organiser. Subject to prevailing Covid 19 restrictions, we hope to be able to engage residents in bonding activities such as block parties and outings. This helps to spread joy in this community and gives more opportunities for interaction. Do please take note that activities would need to be planned in consultation with the Missions Department in St Andrew’s Cathedral and preferably with a runway of 6 months.

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Singapore, being an international hub, attracts many people including migrant workers from Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines, who choose to make their living here. They come with hopes, dreams, and are often in search of a better life. The Son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost. His heart is that all nations shall be saved. Our migrant worker friends live amongst us and this provides us with the best opportunity to befriend them.  We invite you to view them as the Lord sees them, and to engage them with the love of Christ, whether with the technological tools available or other creative ways during this season of the pandemic. Indeed, the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

  • Observer within the Myanmar Worship Service
    Keeping pace with current affairs in Myanmar amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, we invite interested English speaking church members and regular visitors to join the Myanmar Worship Service every Sunday from 2pm – 4pm as Observers. The purpose is to connect with people from the Myanmar community and understand their situations and challenges in the hopes of building long term bridges and bonds with them.  We are looking for volunteers who can cross cultural and international barriers to befriend and understand the Myanmar people where they are. Volunteers should be able to commit a period of one year.
  • The BMW English Tuition Programme
    Another way to connect with the Myanmar community in Singapore is to give them English Lessons. These will be conducted online. As many of them are Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) this enhances their communication ability with their employers and empowers them in the long run. In meeting this need, we hope to manifest the love of Christ to them. We are looking for volunteers who have a heart and burden for migrant workers in Singapore with a strong command of the language and the ability to communicate English as a second language in a simple and understandable manner to our Myanmar friends. Volunteers should be able to commit a period of six months.

Boys’ Brigade
The Boys’ Brigade is all about Discipleship and Mentoring the next generation of young men and empowering them to become leaders who stand for what is Godly and right. The Object of the Boys’ Brigade is the Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self- Respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness. St Andrew’s Cathedral sponsors the 106J Singapore Company in Gan Eng Seng Primary School.

  • Being an Adult Role Model and a Mentor*

    Ad Hoc Volunteer
    If you are willing and able to contribute and teach a meaningful skill or run an activity, such as games on a once off basis, but can only commit a short period of time, this role is for you.

    Long Term Volunteer
    If you have a passion to mentor children from 9 to 12 years of age as a role model, have the energy and a fun-loving personality while imparting deeply rooted Christian values in a dynamic environment, do consider being involved as a long term volunteer. Volunteers may participate for a period of at least 6 months and for those who have caught the vision and burden for this generation of young people, be encouraged to be upgraded to become an Officer in the Boys’ Brigade. No prior uniform unit experience required.

*Note: All volunteers would need to be available on Friday afternoons from 1pm – 5pm as physical meetings are slated to take place on school grounds. They would have to undergo a screening process with the existing BB Officers to access suitability.

Homelessness:  not a problem to be solved – It’s a condition to be understood through the lenses of God’s love. Ultimately, we’re all homeless without Christ. Christ gives hope. He tells us, “In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2) Homelessness is often a state of mind.

Rough sleepers often run into difficult circumstances and lose relationships.  Building of trust is needed and human contact is critical but lacking in the pandemic. The love of Christ is the hope for change that we carry with us into the streets, being the channel for the Father's call to “Come Home”.

  • Being a Befriender
    We are looking for people with heart who can connect and relate with roughsleepers to help them feel like they are part of family. As members of God’s family, we hope to extend that sense of belonging and inclusiveness to the roughsleepers we meet on the streets. Outreaches happen on alternate 2nd and 4th Fridays from 9pm – 1am unless otherwise stated. We are looking for volunteers who are patient, empathetic, understand that this is a long-term commitment and willing to befriend those who fall between the cracks of society. Volunteers should be able to commit a period of one year.

Christian medical missions afford an opportunity for healthcare professionals and others to tangibly demonstrate the love & grace of Jesus Christ through much-needed healthcare to the poor, the sick and the suffering. In this way we reflect the very nature and glory of Christ to the world.