Wednesday 12.30 pm
Holy Communion Service
at the Pavilion

What is our vision of God that inspires, encourages, motivates, challenges, guides and draws us to God and his mission? This will be our focus in the new sermon series "Be Thou My Vision".

This Irish hymn is a favourite and a source of inspiration for many of us. It originated from an ancient Irish folk song with words from a prayer by St Patrick, the pioneer missionary to Ireland for 30 years in the 5th Century. It was translated into English from the Celtic language early in the 1900s and it became the hymn as we know it today. The words in the hymn allude to Jer 9:23-24 and 1 Cor 1:26-31.

03 Prayer of Jonah
10 Prayer of Hezekiah
17 Prayer of Moses
24 Prayer of Nemeiah
Prayer of Solomon
07 Prayer of Daniel