He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young. Isaiah. 40:11

Isaiah paints a beautiful picture of the LORD as a Good, Gentle Shepherd who tends His flock, cares for the lambs and gently leads those with young. We are to emulate our LORD in His care for the Cathedral flock. The Member Care Ministry was conceived with a special focus on supporting members who are facing challenges on various fronts. The Ministry is organized into six care teams for now. The aim of each team is to journey with people (including those who do not fall under the six prescribed care teams), towards wholeness in Christ. Every person is loved, important and a valued member of God’s Kingdom.

We are a tapestry, interwoven and intertwined. Each thread is significant and important, lending strength and colour to the whole. Let’s work together to see to it that there are no loose threads!

Our vision
Every person salved, secure and significant in Christ, living the abundant life, for the glory of God!

Our mission
To journey with people toward wholeness, by offering the gift of our presence, a listening ear, a compassionate heart; to pray with, give encouragement and practical help for the way ahead, with reliance on God and the help of His Holy Spirit.

Headed by Deaconess Ti Lian Swan, with assistance from Wee Cheng Suan and Valerie Gan, the Member Care Ministry will work together and in collaboration with other Ministries at the  Cathedral, to care for our members holistically.

Our Care Teams
For the purpose of keeping ourselves organised and functional, we have created these care teams:

Allow us to be there for you
If you are facing challenges and would like the ministry to reach out to you, do complete this form or contact us:

6337 6104

Come volunteer with us
If you have a calling and passion, and can commit to serve in a particular care team, join us! Training will be provided to equip volunteers with the necessary skills to match the role.

To sign up, simply complete this form
or call us at 6337 6104.