A programme that is Christ-centred and Word-based, offering practical help. A safe place where others who have had similar experiences come alongside you on your healing and restoration journey.

Specially for Women:
15 Jun – 30 Nov, 2:30-4:30pm
Alternate Saturdays
5 sessions at SAC, 8 sessions via Zoom

Fee: $35 for workbook

Date  Topic  Venue
15/6 Deep Hurt (at SAC)
29/6 Road to Recovery (via Zoom)
13/7 Anger (at SAC)
27/7 Grief & Depression (via Zoom)
10/8 Loneliness (via Zoom)
24/8 Fears & Anxiety (at SAC)
7/9 Family & Friends (via Zoom)
21/9 Financial & Legal Issues (via Zoom)
5/10 Conflict (via Zoom)
19/10 Forgiveness (at SAC)
2/11 Your Former Spouse (via Zoom)
16/11 Single Living (via Zoom)
30/11 Brighter Days (at SAC)

Register here

Registration opens mid April 2024

For more details, visit divorcecare.org
For queries, please email: Member Care Ministry


Organised by the Care for the Divorced and Separated Team
(Renewing Streams Ministry), Member Care Ministry