Even to your old age I am He, and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.
Isaiah 46:4

The care team for the elderly aims to support and befriend the seniors in our midst through:

  • Visits to homes and nursing homes
  • Phone calls and chats
  • Tech help
  • Music therapy
  • Dog therapy

For any enquiries, please email our Member Care Ministry.

Upcoming Course(s)  /  How you can help



8 Saturdays, 16 Sept - 11 Nov (Break on 4 Nov)
9.30 am - 12 pm,
Prayer Halls A&B, SAC
Course fees: $50


Spiritual Care for the Ageing
Physical and mental health are essential – but true, holistic care means understanding and supplying spiritual needs as well. This course is built on eight modules that provide participants with a realistic understanding of the ageing process and practical techniques for coping with the losses age brings.

The course syllabus includes: 

  • Understanding the ageing journey
  • Spirituality in ageing
  • Good communication
  • The power of storytelling
  • Dementia
  • A new home and a new way of life
  • Loss, grief, death and dying
  • Roles, boundaries and self-care

Instructors  Ms Samantha Lee and Ms Lee Chuen
Ms Samantha Lee worships at St Andrew's Cathedral with her husband. She is a trained counsellor who provides counselling and pastoral care at the Cathedral. She has a desire to help people encounter God, and experience His healing and transforming power in their lives. She serves at the Cathedral in the Member Care (Married Couples & Family) and Cell Group ministries, and also as a lay reader.

Ms Lee Chuen finds meaning and fulfillment providing spiritual support for those who are sick, having experienced herself God’s comfort and healing grace during a time of illness. She worships at St Andrew’s Cathedral, and serves in the Member Care (Care for the Sick) and Intercession ministries.


8 Saturdays, 16 Sep - 11 Nov, 9:30 am - 12 pm:
( 16 Sep - 11 Nov, with a break on 4 Nov 2023 )

Understanding the ageing journey
Discover what meaningful ageing is, how our biological and spiritual stories are woven through the ageing process and what the role of the spiritual carer is.

Spirituality in ageing
Discover what good spiritual care is, the core values of good spiritual care and what it looks like to build belonging and support spirituality.

Good communication
Recognise the types of effective listening involved in good communication and the value of listening to spiritual stories.

The power of storytelling
Recognise the power and impact of storytelling and spiritual reminiscence. Discover the practical skills required to share one’s story.

Recognise the causes of dementia and the impact it has on identity. Consider the spiritual needs of the older person living with dementia and the role of the spiritual carer in supporting the individual and their family.

A new home and a new way of life
Discover the reasons why moving home is a difficult event for the older person and how to help them make the transition.

Loss, grief, death and dying
Recognise that part of living is coming to terms with loss and discover how a spiritual carer can support an older person so that they can age meaningfully. 

Roles, boundaries and self-care
Recognise that limitations and boundaries are there to safeguard both the spiritual carer and the older person, and discover how important self-care is. 


Recruiting Cathedral K9s (Therapy Dogs)
Building bridges, deepening friendships and touching lives – through our pets.

If you have a dog whose sweet nature can be shared with others, please join us to be a blessing to them.

Temperament tests will be conducted to assess the suitability of your dog.



Organised by
St Andrew's Cathedral Member Care Ministry