Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


11 March 2018 | Vicar Writes

The Vision Comes from Us

By Terry Wong

We were richly blessed by Michael Card’s ministry last weekend. He teaches and sings Scriptures in a very rich way. I trust that those who attended (and invited a friend or two) have been blessed and inspired. Indeed, in our spiritual journey, there are songs which accompany us in the same way that some of the psalms did for Jewish pilgrims. Some of us who grew up with Card’s music can testify to the power of some of his songs for our own journeys. If all goes well, we hope to have him back in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The Watoto Children’s Choir is also visiting the Cathedral on the third week of this month. As always, everything has a place and purpose. We are heartened by the way the Myanmar Service has responded and they are expecting a good crowd in their Watoto evangelistic concert next Sunday (18th March). Now, how about the Cathedral one on 20th March? Do invite a friend!

The response to the current run of Alpha Course has been overwhelming. We ran out of food as the team did not expect that many walk-in visitors. The Prayer Halls are maxed out. This is a good problem to have. Pray for the guests.

The weekday Lent Mid-day Prayers is seeing a steady number gathering to pray. It is a far cry from participation in our morning or evening prayers where more often than not, it is only the prayer leader there.

Reflecting on all these events, as always, it is about either helping unbelievers to know or believers to grow in the Lord.

Someone asked me recently a series of questions on the vision of the Cafe. I will give an answer which may sound surprising. The Cafe team has no vision except one - making a very good cup of coffee and to do so consistently. This is what they were charged with when they first started. Now, it is cathedral members like me and you who have a vision to reach out, for whom the Cafe is but one more avenue that we can use.
If you line up all the events, courses, facilities, ministries and even our weekend Services on one side, they are really just tools and avenues. They have no life on their own. “Vision” does not reside within them. Whether they are good or not so good, it really depends on us! It is we who use them for a greater purpose. If you are reaching out to someone, praying for a Christian to have a spiritual breakthrough, concerned that your fellow Connect group members are growing, then you will see that there is so much in SAC which can help you to do so. Without such a vision or passion, then all these are irrelevant and merely events that keep the Cathedral wheels turning.

May everything in SAC be used with purpose by a people concerned for the Gospel and His glory.