Available Roles: Anglican Care Centre | Boys’ Brigade | Lazarus Ministry
289 Fellowship of the Manger | Befriending Migrant Workers


Ministry Recruitment – Anglican Care Centre

Volunteer Role: Store Lead / Coach
The Anglican Care Centre is looking for volunteers to serve at the “Something Old, Something New” thrift shop. Volunteers will support and coach persons with mental health conditions, in the managing in all aspects of the thrift shop, towards the goal of integrating back to the community and eventually, employment.


  • Main Responsibilities (Store Lead)
  • Act as first level support to members whilst at the store
  • Monitor performance of members and provide on the job guidance to members on how to distribute, display and price donated items if need be, by following the SOSN guidelines
  • Monitor interaction of members with customers and assist / provide guidance on how to deal with customers
  • Liaise with other Store Leads to provide inputs on members’ performance on a day to day basis.
  • Sorting and evaluating of donated items – e.g. clothing, toys
  • Pricing, displaying and organizing of items for sale
  • Documentation of changes to thrift shop processes and pricing, observations, incidents and assessment of members’ work capabilities and progress
  • Communicate and work closely with staffs on members’ wellbeing and progress
  • Secondary Responsibilities (Coaching)
  • Conduct training to members, based on the organization’s thrift shop’s guidelines, on how to manage the shop including, empowering members on how to distribute, display and price donated items, when there are new trainees
  • Coach members on how to manage customers
  • Conduct training on social skills interaction and conflict resolution for members
  • Time Commitment
  • Minimum once a week, half a day (to be advised/discussed)
  • Minimum period of 3 months
  • Others
  • Orientation and training will be provided to volunteers


  • Patience
  • Completed COVID19 vaccination
  • Looking to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with mental health issues
  • Willing to impart your professional or intimate knowledge of the retail environment
  • Willing to meet people from all walks of life!
  • English and Mandarin-speaking, bonus if you know how to speak dialects!

If you are interested to volunteer or need further details, please contact Ms Irene or Mr Caleb at 6562 4881 


Ministry Recruitment – Boys’ Brigade

Volunteer Role: BB Auxiliary Trainer


  • Assist BB Officers with activities
  • Engage and train BB Boys via the BB Syllabus
  • Be a “big brother/ sister” example to the primary school Boys.
  • Willing to befriend them.


  • Emotionally and spiritually adept at working with primary school boys aged 10 to 12 years old
  • Must be able to commit Friday afternoons for a minimum period of 3 months at a go.
  • Age range of volunteers: preferably 18 – 45 years old (in between NS, studies. Working professionals with flexible timetable, etc.)
  • Profile of volunteers:
    • Young/ young at heart
    • Friendly but firm when necessary.
  • BB (or GB) experience preferred but not mandated. Other uniformed units welcome.

To find out more, contact Shaun Foo at 85220891.

Ministry Recruitment – Lazarus Ministry

Volunteer Role: Rough Sleeper Befriender

Responsibilities/Scope of Work:

  • Build long term relationships.
  • Make contact with roughsleepers and distribute aid as required.
  • Take note of condition of roughsleeper (as per internal guidelines)
  • Secondary role: Keep an eye out for new roughsleepers


  • Looking for men for this specific recruitment because majority of roughsleepers are men and nature of outreach at night poses a safety concern.
  • Emotionally and spiritually mature.
  • Willing and able to spend late nights befriending roughsleepers in potentially obscure places at least once a month (preferably twice a month).
  • Teachable, empathetic but firm if required.
  • Able to take initiative if required.
  • Conversant in dialect and mandarin is a big plus.

To find out more, contact Shaun Foo at 85220891 or email missions@cathedral.org.sg

Ministry Recruitment – 289 Fellowship of the Manger

Volunteer Role: Outreach Volunteers


  • Individuals and cell group participation creating online Bible stories and related crafts for Batam Church Children Ministry
  • Attend quarterly planning/review meetings 
  • Pray for Pastors and Pastoral workers in Batam


  • Any background in teaching, IT or first aid would be helpful 
  • Able to understand & is passionate about cross culture ministry - people and work
  • Join in SAC monthly prayer meeting 

To find out more, contact Adeline at 88242660 or email missions@cathedral.org.sg

Ministry Recruitment – Befriending Migrant Workers

Volunteer Role: Befrienders


  • Befriend domestic workers (DWs) and people at point of contact, ‘chit chat’, follow up and pray for them
  • Conduct Conversational English for Myanmar DWs
  • *MW@Dorms & Henderson Walkabout - help out Missions agencies to do festive activities and distribute gift-packs


  • Be available on Sunday afternoon, once a month, from 12.30 - 3.30pm
  • Henderson Walkabout - last Saturdays of the month (to be advised)

(*MW@Dorms and Henderson Walkabout are now both on hold but open for enquiries, please see contacts below.)

To find out more, contact Adeline at 88242660 or email missions@cathedral.org.sg