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Vicar Writes


7 April 2019 | Vicar Writes

Preparing for our AGMs

By Terry Wong

Our Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the Chinese Congregation Committee had a joint meeting last Sunday. We met to discuss Phase 2, which involves an underground development at the north-west lawn area.


We viewed an early design plan by an architectural firm. This design has received input by a joint-congregational working team (usage and facilities) and an architectural advisory team (design), all of whom are members of SAC. If this phase is completed, we will have:

  • A combined office area for our staff. Currently our staff is housed in separate locations, with cramped office spaces.
  • A new 600-seater Hall to facilitate growth in our Services and meet the needs for various events.
  • Additional purpose-built rooms for CE teaching, small groups Bible studies, counselling and meetings.
  • New facilities i.e. resource library, heritage centre and music studio.
  • Parts of South Transept and North Transept which can be reserved to display their heritage features.
  • Each cluster at the Nave, CNS and Phase 2 with the right mix of facilities. The transept areas can have more Sunday school, teaching and ministry rooms to support the Nave worship Services. B2 rooms, offices and B1 Prayer Halls can support the CNS Services. This will minimise movement across our grounds and improve safety for children and the elderly.

At both our AGMs, this early design will be shared with our congregations. We will be seeking for approval to begin fund-raising and continue to work on the design, which as it develops, will continue to be shared with the wider SAC community for comments and ideas.

We also discussed the plans for renovation works to restore and repair the Nave and other parts of the Cathedral. These plans will also be shared at our AGMs. Indeed, even as we think of new places, we need to continue to be good stewards of our older facilities.
Meanwhile, the plans to build the Pavilion are already underway and when completed, will be a wonderful addition to our space and ministry needs.
This Sunday is also a historic moment as we launch the new Tamil Service. Tamil is one of our four national languages and it will finally find a home in our Cathedral as a Worship Service. It is an exciting development. Please pray for Revd Joshua Raj and his team.

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