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Vicar Writes


11 September 2016 | Vicar Writes

Missions and Evangelism

By Terry Wong

SAC’s Committee on Missions and Evangelism (COME) met last Wednesday, 31 August. COME is chaired by Deaconess Bessie Lee and its members include various heads and representatives of SAC’s Missions Ministries, SAC Missions Department staff, and appointed members of the Parochial Church Council. Various matters were discussed:

The Missions Policy regarding missions internships was updated:

These interns are SAC members who serve for fixed periods of time at local or overseas mission stations, with a view to determining God’s call on their lives to be professionally engaged in Christian ministry and missions.

COME supervises 3 categories of internships:

SERVE interns refer to youths awaiting tertiary education or national service. This internship is for 2 to 6 months.

TRIBUTE interns are young people who have completed their education and who wish to spend a gap year in missions.

MINISTRY APPRENTICES are working adults who take a year or two away from their jobs to be engaged in Christian ministry and missions work.

Hannah Chee completed a 3-year term in Lat Krabang Anglican Church; she is now doing a 6-month course at the Discipleship Training School (DTS), with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), at Chiangrai, Thailand. Belinda Lim completed a 1-year stint in Lat Krabang; she is currently on course at the YWAM-DTS in Singapore. At YWAM-DTS, Hannah and Belinda are now partially supported by SAC and contributions to their training needs are welcome (email: Two other interns, Samantha Ooi and Joshua Kwok are still serving in Lat Krabang and Ho Chih Minh City, respectively.

COME is also responsible for longer-term missions workers. One is serving with Operation Mobilisation and eight with Project Khmer H.O.P.E. in Cambodia.

Missions Month in November:

There will be a focus on missions work at some of our Services. We will give emphasis to the work of our Diocese in the deaneries of Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. SAC hopes to make a good contribution to the Diocesan effort to raise funds for its missions work; this project is called “Give Him a Hundred”.

Missions Evening

SAC members and friends will be coming together for purposeful fellowship on Friday, 18 November, to encourage one another to up our involvement in missions. All can have a share in this work of the church and Connect Groups are especially invited to this event.

The programme for the evening will be held at SAC; it includes a buy-sell of products from countries served by SAC’s missions ministries, an exhibition to provide information on SAC’s range of missions work, testimonies from workers and beneficiaries in the mission fields, and a simple buffet dinner.

Missions trips and security issues:

COME discussed the recent threats to security especially in the countries of SAC’s missions work, and set certain measures to guide mission teams ministering overseas.

The Missions Ministries represented on COME:

• 289 Fellowship of the Manger, Batam

(Mr Mike Nga)

• Batam Medical Outreach

(Dr Joseph Thambiah)

• Boys Brigade & Girls’ Brigade, 5 BB and 3 GB Coys, Singapore

(Mr Wee Lian Kuanh)

• Healing of the Nations, Medan

(Dr Joseph Thambiah)

• Mobile Medical Outreach to Foreign Workers, Singapore

(Dr Joseph Thambiah)

• Project Khmer H.O.P.E. , Cambodia

(Miss Adeline Hee)

• Vietnam Interest Group,

(Miss Karen Chua)