Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


28 May 2017 | Vicar Writes

Lengthening our Cords and Strengthening our Stakes

By Terry Wong

In June, we will be welcoming two new ministry staff. Chia Kum Meng is a staff returnee. He will be heading our Seniors Ministry, to be assisted by our current staff, David Ng. David is also involved in the Senior Members’ Fellowship (SMF). What is “Seniors Ministry”? It encompasses all our ministries with our seniors. Ministry by age groups - similar to children, youth and young adult ministries - plays an important part to mobilise and equip members sharing the same stage in life to grow and live out their Christian faith. 

We do need to be very pastorally attentive to the needs of some seniors. Some do not have the support of their younger family members. Some are in need of daily nursing care or have to be housed in nursing homes. Some are house-bound and at a stage where it takes  a lot of effort just to attend Services. If we are not attentive, it can be very easy for some of our members to slip away unnoticed. In fact, one of the major reasons why we worked so hard at a new database system is because we see that as one way to help improve our pastoral care to them. Who is in need of visitation? When did it happen and by which group? Are some being neglected? An active and well-used database can help us to know where our flock is and what their needs are. Kum Meng will be working closely with various groups to strengthen our pastoral care network. 

Many seniors can be actively serving and giving too. They can serve in Connect Groups, Discipleship Groups or Alpha groups. Some can go on mission trips. Special courses and seminars can be run. More day-time events can be organised for seniors to bring their friends too. Already, many seniors are giving and serving. One of Kum Meng’s roles is to ensure that anyone who is seeking to serve is able to do so.     

Khoo Ee May will be coming in to serve in the Music Ministry. She worships and serves at the 9am Service along with her husband, Simon Hayes and their children, Patrick and Aerin. This Music Ministry covers the whole spectrum of worship and ministry through music, both in the Nave and in CNS.  She will be focusing more on the Services in CNS. She will be supporting the various worship teams ministering in Services there and helping to train potential musicians. We also have many important music events which need good administrative coordination, whether in the Nave, CNS or Welcome Centre. Gifted as a musician herself, with a passion for the church to glorify the Lord, her joining the team will help us to grow these areas. Currently, our Choir Master, Lim Chin Kai serves part-time as a staff in leading our choirs and organ musicians. Dennis Low heads our PA ministry and coordinates the Worship ministry at the eleven:30 Service. Steven Wong heads our Dance ministry and helps to coordinate Creative Arts events. With Ee May joining in, we now have 4 staff serving in the area of Creative Arts and Music Ministry. They will be working closely as a team along with many of our lay volunteers.   

Still on the note of the “new”, we will also be starting the process of birthing a new Indian Service in SAC. This is historically significant as the Indian language (Tamil) is one of our National languages. While we do have many Indians worshipping in our English Services, we have yet to run one for those who are Tamil-speaking. In the earlier days, we started Tamil Services but they were hosted elsewhere, i.e. St Paul’s Church, Christ Church. With the continual arrival of new migrants from India, it makes sense for the Cathedral to host an Indian Service. The Anglican Indian Board (chaired by Revd Canon Steven Asirvatham) will be coming behind this Service. Starting in July this year, we hope to run a monthly prayer gathering for those who are interested to serve in this Service. If you like more information on how you can be involved, do contact Jowenna Quek (email: or call 63376104) and leave your name and contact details.

May we continue to “lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes.” (Isaiah 54:2).