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Vicar Writes


6 March 2016 | Vicar Writes

Imagine a place in the Cathedral…

By Terry Wong

Where anyone can walk in.
At almost anytime of the week.

You don’t need prior permission. 
You don’t need a “good enough” reason to be there. 
You can be there alone. Or with friends.
You do not know the host? It is okay. Enter.

It really doesn’t matter. 

Not a Christian?
You are welcome. 

No questions asked. 
You can be completely relaxed.   
Or focused on your work.

And yet, it is neither your home nor office.

You can pray.
You can talk.
You can laugh.
You can discuss.
You can read.
You can nap. 
You can write.

In fact famous writers have all worked out of this place. 

TS Elliott, Franz Kafka, Gertrude Stein, F Scott Fitzgerald and J.K. Rowling... 

just to name a few. 
And unknown ones as well, yours truly. 

Not home. Not office.

But a “third place” in the Cathedral. 

Imagine ..if we have a Cafe.