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Vicar Writes


10 March 2019 | Vicar Writes

Being An Andrew

By Terry Wong

Think about it. Celebration of Hope (CoH) is really not about us trying to make it a success. Rather, CoH is a God-given opportunity for us to thrive and shine as His witnesses—especially in our bicentennial year.

In this kairos season, we are being encouraged to follow the inspiring example of a lesser-known disciple by the name of Andrew who is sometimes called The Bringer. Largely overshadowed by his dynamic brother, Simon Peter, we know little about Andrew. But what we do know is highly significant. Andrew personally took the initiative to find his brother and invite him to come and see Jesus (John 1:35-42). It seemed like a very small act. Yet this ministry of The Bringer is big and very important in God’s work.

In Singapore today, many are committed followers of Christ because:

  • someone cared enough to be a true friend
  • someone introduced them to Jesus via a conversation
  • someone invited them to an Alpha Course
  • someone brought them to a church event or cell meeting

And we can add that many met Christ because someone brought them to the Billy Graham Rallies in 1978. Will you be an Andrew? Will you be a Bringer? Towards Celebration of Hope, Christians are inspired to be an Andrew through the Andrew Initiative Training. The sessions conducted thus far have been very well attended, with the last one here fully subscribed. The training is informative, inspiring, and practical. The atmosphere is electrifying as Christians from many different churches and denominations rub shoulders and learn from anointed trainers who speak with passion. Many are gaining a new-found confidence to be effective witnesses for Christ. They will never be the same again!

So, if you have yet to attend the Andrew Initiative Training, please note the session coming up.

Saturday, 16 March | 9am to 12.30pm
St John’s-St Margaret’s Church (30 Dover Ave, S139790)

Write to with the following info:
Name of Church:
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Do note that entry to the rallies is by ticket only. You can book the tickets using the COH App at

If you would like to find out more about Celebration of Hope or have any enquiries, details are listed below.

hotline 8710 6727