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31 January 2016 | Vicar Writes


By Terry Wong

We had a wonderful time at the monthly SAC@Prayer gathering last Friday. The next one falls on 26th February Friday at 7.14 pm. We continue to pray for revival and a new work of God for SAC and the City. I can think of no better place to do this than the Nave. Do plan ahead to be there. It is a discipline and commitment which I believe will bear fruit in season. Leaders who serve together need to pray together. It is both a mark and catalyst of community. Cells and other gatherings will need to plan ahead so that there is no clash and together, we can give this priority.

We are also excited about the possibilities of new Cell groups forming during this season. We are broadening its definition so that more can participate. As long as the leader is appointed by the Church and the material is approved (for mutual accountability), it is a “Cell.” It can meet over a quick lunch during weekdays. Or in the evenings. Weekday or weekend, it will be great to see the Cathedral community meeting and relating in small groups. As our urban churches grow larger, small groups are the only way for the church to remain small.

If you have not already noticed, the 7.30 pm Sunday Service has dropped it’s previous title “New Life Service.” There is a small and committed community in this Service, pastored by Revd Timothy Chow, which gives a lot of time and space for free worship and prayer ministry. The preachers, whether from SAC or elsewhere can minister in this direction. Do drop in and yes, bring a friend.

The Finance and Property Committee (FPC) is looking to renovating the West House, adding rain and heat shelters outside the Prayer Halls area (amphitheatre) and the patio next to the Welcome Centre by erecting awnings. These steps should enable better use of these spaces.

We are also looking at setting up a Cafe to serve our large SAC community. We have a small group looking into this but we are looking for baristas who are willing to helm it. If good coffee, tea and other drinks can be served at the Welcome Centre, it will make a lot of difference to the way our community interact, apart from meeting needs for a good cuppa. Do contact my PA, Jowenna at if you can help in some way.

24 January 2016 | Vicar Writes

Leaders Conference 2016

By Terry Wong
About 170 leaders gathered for a short two days Leaders Conference at Changi Cove last weekend. The theme for 2016, “Roots Down, Walls Down, Bridges Out” was introduced and reflected on. I share here a few highlights:

We were reminded again to be rooted in the same faith that we have received (Colossians 2:6). It is about the “long obedience in the same direction” and returning to our first love (Rev 2).

Small groups, especially Cell groups play a vital role in helping members in large urban churches to connect with one another, build community, study the Word and grow as disciples. In this new season, we are also broadening our definition of a Cell to allow for greater diversity as the needs of every member are not the same. This can help us to incorporate some existing discipleship or Bible study groups and to encourage different small group expressions.

We also began to discuss our ministries to Youth and Young Adults. The Saturday Youth Fellowship (LYnC) is now led by Kenneth Ernest and a refreshed team of leaders. Along with the spiritual needs of young adults, we are seeking the Lord for clarity as to whether new wineskins are needed as we seek to reach the youths and young adult of today.

I will find the time in subsequent Vicar Writes to keep you informed on these issues.

This year’s Annual General Meeting falls on 24th of April (Sunday). In a new season, we are endeavouring to do it a bit differently, especially in the way we communicate the vision and mission of the church. In the area of finance and governance issues, we are also seeking to create space for members to query and understand better the inner workings of the Cathedral. This mutual accountability and community ownership of our ministry here is vital. We also look forward to seeing more stepping up to serve in the various leadership teams and committees.

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