The Young Adults ministry meets every Friday at 7.30 pm - 9:30 pm at the Chapel for All Peoples, Level 1, beside North Bridge Road MRT entrance
For enquiries, pls contact Pastor Geraldine Lau at 6337 6104 ext 142 or email her at


Your life is not a simulation; it is the real game. PLAY WISELY!

Where our thoughts dwell, so becomes our reality. CHOOSE WISELY!

Whatever you focus on overwhelms you. Whether that be past or present, friend or foe, love or hate, problem or GOD. Let GOD be your choice of overwhelm.” LIVE FULLY!

It is hard to be a faithful disciple of Jesus in a post-modern, pluralistic culture. Will the churches of our times stand when the pressure increases? Will you, will I, stand as the test gets tougher? The only clue we have is how we make our choices every day.

It seems only fair to conclude that there is a way out of pressure. Just don’t get serious about loving Jesus. Just go with the flow of the culture. Just settle for a comfortable, run-of-the-mill, status-quo-blessing kind of discipleship. And there will be no pressure. And there will also be no passion.

“I know your pressure,” says the One who loves us. In the nature of things, He cannot lift it. Sustain us in it, yes. Use it for His glory, yes. But lift it, no. For His presence is the reason the pressure comes! When we remember that we can keep going, with a strange sort of joy…

YA Ministry recognizes that our discipleship is on the edge, and the purpose of discipleship is certainly spiritual maturity, but bible study in itself is not a mark of spiritual maturity. What God looks is our relationship to Him and to people. Through the study of the Book of Revelation and Ecclesiastes, we seek to meet Jesus and begin to develop a relationship with him. When a person loves Jesus, that person will want to know everything Jesus did and said. This hunger to know him more will naturally lead to the Bible. In our Bible study we aspire to live a life that looks increasingly like Jesus’ (captured by his heart for people).

Come, let’s grow together in Christ, through Christ and for Christ!

Schedule of meetings for 2020: