All services are conducted in English.
Time Service/Meeting Venue
Monday 12:30 pm Mid-Day Prayer Nave
Tuesday 7:30 am Clergy and Leaders Holy Communion Nave
Wednesday 12:30 pm Holy Communion Nave
Thursday 9:30 am Holy Communion Nave
  12:30 pm Mid-Day Prayer Nave
Friday 12:30 pm Mid-Day Prayer Nave
  7:00 pm Young Adults Ministry Chapel for All Peoples
  7:00 pm Contenders (Every 1st and 3rd Friday) West House
Saturday 2:00 pm LYnC Youth Ministry (for ages 13 & above) Chapel for All Peoples
  2:30 pm Shalomkids Ministry (for Children aged 6-16 with autism) Prayer Halls
  4:30 pm Saturday English Service Cathedral New Sanctuary