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Vicar Writes


2 June 2019 | Vicar Writes

You Are Important To God And Us

By Terry Wong

I have been hearing much feedback and testimonies from members about their experiences of the Celebration of Hope. Do find some opportunity to share your testimonies. Some of you can also write in as these testimonies can be of encouragement to the wider body. Do email if you would like to share your thoughts or feedback.

Let’s also be alert to the opportunities to welcome new Christians or seekers who drop into our Services every weekend. If you would like to find out more about the Christian faith, do have a chat with the pastors after the Service. We will also be starting the 10-week Alpha Course on 10 July. This Course is geared towards those inquiring about the Christian faith. There will be a good home-cooked meal served as a way of helping everyone to settle in and get into the mood for conversations. Then there will be a video talk cum documentary on topics like “Who is Jesus?”, “What is the Bible all about?” and so on. What follows immediately is perhaps the best part of the Course: participants meet in small groups to explore the issues of life and faith together in a fun and safe environment where the views of every participant are respected.

I have met many whose lives have been transformed after they attended Alpha. I will always say that issues of life deserve our commitment of time to explore. You will not regret giving time to this. Join in for one session and you can always decide if you want to stay on. And many do!


We are also hoping to start some Follow-up Groups. What are these?  These groups are helpful for new Christians who would need to be helped to practise their new found faith. Write in to if you have any questions on this.

For those who want to strengthen their basis for faith in our modern world, we are also running the Faith & Life Course  - “What does Science have to do with God and me?" - where there will be a dedicated team which will be guiding and facilitating the learning process. There has been an acceleration of scientific learning and findings, fuelled by instant and easy communication between scientific communities all around the world. How do these square with what we believe with life and the world? Do you have questions that sometimes trouble you or cause you to have questions about your faith? I will encourage you to take this opportunity to attend this unique course which is available on our doorsteps.   

Life is not just about knowledge and learning. It is also about relationships and belonging. We have over 90 Connect Groups which meet all over the city. I am sure you can find a group which you can fit into.

No one should have to go through the rigours of life alone. Even if you are a loner, the fact is we are all a part of a community. At times, we can’t cope with life alone. There are seasons in life which can turn suddenly into dark and cold winters. No one is an island. Those around you can help. Suicide is never an option for it will inevitably affect those around you. As one way of ending life, it passes on the problems and griefs to others. There is such a thing as dying well and suicide is not that. Look for help please.