Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


31 May 2020 | Vicar Writes

It is going virtual and this we know.

Of a regular community of 3000+ worshippers, we have between 160 - 275 attending our AGM every year. Some may think that this is not too bad given how most AGM attendances generally are.

Can we respond differently to the coming one? Going online should make it easier for everyone to participate out of the comfort of your home. Your participation allows you to:

  • Get an overview of how our funds are spent or how we are giving to external ministry and mission needs.
  • Hear how we have to adjust our expenditure in the midst of economic downturn. You can ask questions and give us feedback before the AGM and for substantial matters, we can address them on the website for all to read.
  • Hear the Vicar give an important address on the shape of life and ministry in the Cathedral during this season.
  • Hear the Vicar’s Warden give a perspective “from the pew”, as a lay leader and a member of the congregation.
  • Help elect the Parochial Church Council (PCC); of which four members will be elected as Synod representatives to serve in the new Diocesan Synod which will then work closely with our with our Bishop- Designate Titus Chung. As SAC is the Mother Church for the Diocese and her six deaneries, the strength of the clergy and lay leadership will be crucial. In fact, what happens here does have implications for the witness and role of the Church in our wider society.
  • Help the church observe good governance as your voting and approval protect the life of the Church and ensure that key decisions are not just left to a few individuals. You are helping the church to abide by the laws of the land and “fulfil all righteousness.”

And to do all these, we hope to keep the virtual AGM well within an hour! In part, this is possible because much of the AGM work is done before the virtual AGM itself.

If you are an electoral member, please do get engaged in the AGM process. Your participation will signal your love and commitment to the Lord’s work in our vineyard.