Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


9 December 2018 | Vicar Writes

The historic and strategic location of the Cathedral - along with her calling as a Church - has always invested her with a sense of vision and mission. Each generation seeks to refresh and continue these. The vision can be laid out in this way:

  1. A Home in the City
    The Cathedral is an oasis and home in the midst of a bustling modern city. We seek to be a quiet place where one can find solace in and peace with God. We welcome all to meet, pray, attend services, meet as Bible Study or prayer groups, enjoy a drink etc. Being at the heart of a cosmopolitan city, we will endeavour to provide worship avenues and create social spaces for people of different races, languages and backgrounds.

    We are mindful that many in our city will need help and support. We want to create spaces for healing, restoration and spiritual formation. Matthew 11:18-20
  2. A Monument in the City
    The Cathedral’s history is intertwined with our city nation. Ours is a city which was built by many foreigners. Our rich heritage bears testimony to the contributions of many peoples: Scottish, English, Australians, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabs and so on. Devout Christians have served as inspiring examples of love and sacrifice and helped to instil good values. These are some of the seeds on which this city is built. Hebrews 13:7

    As a monument and heritage centre we seek to be good stewards of our rich heritage and “remember and tell” the story well, to current and future generations. We will preserve and build on our rich music, arts and historical aspects of our monument. As our nation progresses, this story is still unfolding. We need to keep good records of developing stories so that future generations will remember and tell. May we be a monument to His glory. Psalm 105:1-3
  3. A Voice in the City
    The city is not just about people and space. It is an intersection where the latest ideas collide with those from antiquity. We seek to offer a Christian voice and make contributions to the ongoing debates. Acts 17:22-34

    We seek to help Christians to reflect deeper on their faith and strengthen our prophetic voice. We will work at building a strong Christian Education programme and use various platforms – old or new – to engage with Christians and other citizens. Ephesians 4:14-15
  4. A Mother Church for the Diocese
    This is our inherited ecclesial role. We are called to be a diffusing light to those around us, including neighbouring nations. We will seek to set an inspiring example in all that we do, to encourage our Anglican parishes here and in the deaneries. Areas will include worship, prayer, biblical teaching, community-building, outreach to the poor and needy, evangelism, missions, church-planting etc. We pray that other Anglicans or Christians who visit the Cathedral will find her to be an encouraging and inspiring church. 1 Thessalonians 1:7-8
    Note: Earlier iterations of these statements were first released in 2016.

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