Vicar Writes


10 Dec 2017
The Christus Cantores Choir

We had a resounding start to the Season Of Advent with two packed concerts last Weekend. On Friday evening (1st Dec), we had the choir from St George’s Church, led by Joanna Paul, the Music Director of the same parish. They were joined by The Ministry of Bellz and the delightful Christus Cantores Choir, formed with children from various churches. The New Sanctuary was packed and it was indeed a music extravaganza. This concert was done in aid of SAC Medical Mission

On the first Sunday of Advent evening, Sir Dr Peter Low and the Cathedral Choir of the Church of the Risen Christ gave us a spiritual and inspiring start to the season of Advent. From sacred favourites to carols from round the world, in song, music and dance, we were invited to come and adore Christ the Lord. It was delightful working with them and they brought along a sense of excellence, imbued with simplicity, charm and spiritual passion.

It is a good sign that local churches today are able to give birth to some very good and mature choirs, enriching our worship through music. And they come with some Asian influences too. Indeed the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter are good seasons to celebrate Christian arts. May the Church continue to contribute excellently to our society in this area. When the music is done well, people will take note of the message. One can say that good music is in itself spiritual, beauty leading us to Beauty, drawing our being’s attention to the Creator.

Our very own Cathedral Choir is also excellent in many ways, led by our very able and often modest director, Lim Chin Kai. We can look forward to a very rich evening of Lessons and Carols on the 16th of Dec (Saturday), where the Christmas story is retold. And please start to invite a friend!

Christmas is also one of those rare moments where the world actually sings with us. Our grounds interface with the city almost seamlessly and our side walk (outside the Cathedral) is shared with the city, symbolising our place and call to be a City Church. It is a precious opportunity to reach out, be friendly and welcoming. By participating in the Christmas@Cathedral is one way of blessing the city. May we “let our Light shine.”

Sir Dr Peter Low and the Cathedral Choir of the Church of the Risen Christ