Vicar Writes


16 December 2018 | Vicar Writes

Christmas and the year-end is a great season to reach out to our friends and family. We have a variety of events coming up this week where you can invite someone to.

As a boy, coming from a non-Christian home, my early exposure to the Christian faith was through carols. And believe it or not, a Christmas tree! I followed my mum to visit the home of a Christian family. I can still remember the curiosity in my heart when I was asked to pick a present from a pile underneath the tree. We should never underestimate how little things can convey the love and joy of the Christian faith to those who have very little exposure to it.

Our Lessons and Carols Service is a popular annual event, hosted by our very own choir. The Nave will be a beautiful setting as we celebrate this season with great music and readings. We are doing our best to ensure that there is enough room for everyone, including the use of South Transept. Those with children are encouraged to use the transept.

This year’s Christmas@Cathedral (Fri-Sat, 21st-22nd) is not as elaborate as previous years as we take a breather. That said, there is a great lineup of musical performances at both the Cafe and Nave. We also encourage you to support the Capitol Christmas events on Sun 23rd from noon onwards, which is hosted by churches in the vicinity.


All the Services next weekend along with the Christmas Services will provide rich opportunities to invite someone. Take note of the details in our bulletin and posters. We are expecting a very full Christmas Midnight Eucharist service. This year, I believe we will be able to provide the best possible overflow experience at CNS with the latest connection and visual upgrades. It will be facilitated to encourage participation. We want to ensure that those sitting there will feel they are a part of the congregation in the Nave, worshipping the Lord together through the carol-singing and  the Ministry of the Word and Sacrament. If you can’t get seats in the Nave, bring your friends to CNS.

Our home is also a good place to celebrate the season and for those who are able, may it be a great way to stay in touch with our family and friends. And as I have shared, you will never know what the presents under the tree will mean for your guests. Little touches of love will go a long way.