the need to connect

the need to connect


19 March 2017 | Vicar Writes

the need to connect

By Terry Wong

In a modern society which is “connected” in so many ways, the irony is that there are many individuals who have been left isolated. With the advance of medical care, people are living longer. Those without adequate financial or family support often end up living their senior years on their own. Many are often excluded from the usual social networks, most of which are digital in part. Unless our efforts are intentional, many seniors will just be bypassed. This also includes minority groups who may be shut out due to language or lack of other forms of social connections. 

In the Cathedral, these needs can be more acute due to the higher percentage of seniors and foreigners in our midst. I often ponder with the  staff and PCC on what this may mean for the way we structure or prioritise our ministries. We are still examining how we can strengthen our pastoral ministry to our seniors and be better in coordinating our efforts. Our ministry to seniors needs as much energy and vision. It need not be just about senior care and engagement. Many can be challenged to serve, minister and give. I can think of our intercession ministry, Missions, Seniors Alpha etc.

This is also one of the reasons why we see the need to take our database of people information seriously. We intend to work towards a system of pastoral care which is more effective. I am aware that many, both staff and lay, are already serving from their hearts. An effective information ministry can help to improve our coordination and prioritise our efforts. 

We have been putting in effort to support our Myanmar Service, which in turn is already engaging with some of the needs of foreigners visiting our grounds every Sunday. The security personnel are also planning an effective role to ensure that there is order and propriety. The church should always welcome all and sundry. That said, the church grounds and activities on it should befit the message and image of His Church.  

The Cafe is now fully licensed. Seniors (above 60 years old) can benefit from a discount on what is already fair pricing of our beverages and food items. Do make full use of the cafe to invite friends. Use it as a place of meeting. Hang around and get to know members from other Services or congregations. Where people gather, there will be ministry. We are also actively looking into improving the acoustics. As always feedback is welcome and there is a box where you can drop your feedback in. You can also write in to

I have met many young adults and youths in our various Services who seem unaware of their peers in the Cathedral family. Occasionally, it is good that we can all meet and be acquainted. There will be some good “home-cooked” food at the young people event this Friday. The speaker is very engaging and humorous. It will be fun and meaningful. Do sign up if you are in this age category.