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Vicar Writes


14 October 2018 | Vicar Writes

The Glory of God is at Stake

By Terry Wong

Last Sunday, PraySingapore was held on the weekend of Children's Day to celebrate families as building blocks of our society and to dedicate the next generation. Many married couples renewed their marriage vows. We also repented over our society’s widespread practice and tolerance of abortions.

It wasn’t an evening of finger-pointing. The church searched her own heart as we repented of our indifference, hypocrisy and lack of passion for the glory of God.

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The event also focused our hearts on the Celebration of Hope (COH) evangelistic events next May in the same venue. We saw a very inspiring 1978 video of Billy Graham’s Rally at our National Stadium and the way Singaporeans responded during the altar call. Our bishop called on Christians to pray for opportunities to proclaim the good news to their friends and family in order to transform their homeland. Along with other pastors in Singapore, he believes that God is orchestrating a season in which “many people are going to find their way back to God through Jesus Christ”.

“We’re praying that every Christian in every church will arise and share the good news of Jesus, personally, with relatives, friends and acquaintances, so that they may know Him in whom alone is life,” he said. However, believers should not just view the event as merely just another evangelistic rally, but a “vital step in God’s process of revival” in Singapore. “People of God, we need revival. We need revival because the ground is hard, dark and opposing forces are many. And most important of all, the glory of God is at stake,” he said.

“Another reason we need a revival is there is a lack of righteousness in the land,” said the Bishop. Issues such as divorce, abortion, gender confusion, sexual brokenness, gambling and other vices permeate the culture, he said.

“It paints a picture of how much we must cry out for God to come upon the land. Only God can change the conduct and ethical life of the people here and bring them to saving faith in Christ." Christians in Singapore must acknowledge their brokenness and the fractures in the local body of Christ, and to pray for churches and organisations to work together “with one heart and mind for the harvest” and for God to lead them to spiritual victory.

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“The single most important factor for revival – God’s revival – is prayer,” said Bishop Ponniah. “Let it be believing prayer, in a mighty God, whose love knows no bounds. Let it be beseeching prayer – we beg God and we don’t let go until it happens And let it be body-of-Christ prayer. Whether it’s in twos or threes, in your churches, or in gatherings such as these. Let us have beseeching prayer, that His glory may be seen in this mighty harvest.”

Bishop closed quoting Psalm 126:5: “Those who sow in tears will surely reap with shouts of joy.” If we are willing to sacrifice, pray passionately and work hard, we will see joyful results.

Our Cathedral will be fully engaged with Celebration of Hope. We will be holding prayer gatherings monthly, where Christians from other churches will be participating as well. We will be having three cycles of opportunities to share the Gospel: Christmas Outreach through our Connect groups in December, the Alpha Courses starting in February and from March onwards, preparations for COH.

The Cathedral community is also asked to support the Sunday 10.30am rally through ushering and this will be another opportunity to serve. In November, we will be sharing more details across our services.

Meanwhile, I ask that each of us pray and focus on the spiritual priorities before us, out of love for the Lord, His Church and our nation. It is through prayer that we keep a firmer grip or “traction” on this vision, ensuring that we are not “distracted" through pre-occupation with the worries and cares of life (or even church ministry or community matters). It is a common vision for His glory which will help to keep the cathedral strong and united, and where we do not allow differences to take centre stage. The words of our Lord in Matthew 6:33, to "seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added onto you” can be applied to Cathedral life. When we put first things first, other issues will find their own solutions and fit.

Note: Some excerpts of Bishop’s message were taken from a report of the Pray Singapore event at