Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


15 July 2018 | Vicar Writes

Shepherding People Into The Kingdom

By Terry Wong

St Andrew's Cathedral is hosting three Solemn Assemblies next month, from the 5th to 7th of August, starting at 7.30 pm nightly. If you have been attending some of these being held elsewhere, it will help you to participate in those hosted here. These are prayer meetings with a difference. Though hosted in local churches, you get a very strong and unique sense of praying, as a people of God. We are expecting a crowd as some churches are busing their members in. We are also including the needs of foreigners in these assemblies. Do mark the dates!

We want to continue to be able to provide refreshments after some of our Services. I have already reflected on the “Importance of Makan” in my Vicar Writes (VW) on 23rd June. For those at the 8 am breakfast, members are encouraged to contribute some donations in the boxes provided. We have resorted to catering as the numbers have increased.

Excitement has been building up for the next run of Alpha Course. We are able to host the Introductory Dinner on 25th July in an air-conditioned tent because it will be erected for another earlier event by our Diocese. However, we want to work at “quality participation”, where the SAC community is working through their Connect Groups to invite their non-believing friends. As far as possible, every participant should have a good reason to be there.

The Baptism Course has just started. While baptism courses are managed by a staff team, Service Pastors and their teams take turns to be engaged with the teaching and pastoral care. We also have small groups to continue the small group experience for our guests. We remind ourselves that every person seeking to grow spiritually in SAC is important and deserves the best of our support.

I had an opportunity last week to visit and serve Communion to May Chew, who is under palliative care. I am aware that this special mention raises questions as to why we are not also mentioning others. I am doing so to remind ourselves that each member of our SAC family is precious and her situation represents those who, though out of our sight, should never be out of our minds. May Chew pioneered some of the early efforts at starting Myanmar English classes for foreigners on our grounds. She will be glad to know that today, this is a thriving ministry.

Shepherding and pastoring is at the heart of Cathedral work, whether it is shepherding people into the Kingdom of God, spiritually or physically. Much of these happen quietly on a daily basis. I have shared on “Proximity” in the 10th June issue of VW, where I shared about the image of a shepherd holding the young in his bosom (Isaiah 40:11). May we have close to our hearts, what is close to His.