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Vicar Writes


10 September 2017 | Vicar Writes

Remember and Tell

By Terry Wong

The Heritage Committee met for the second time last Monday evening. It is chaired by Charles Leong and the members are Karen Chua, Philip Towndrow, Sharon Lim, Linda Ng, Nathene Chua and Samantha Lee. From the staff side, Joyce Ho and Vivien Chen join in.

The theme “Remember and Tell” was chosen to guide the work of the sub-committee. Three priorities will be looked at:

1. Knowledge Management

We are embarking on conservation efforts for objects which we have identified as historical material in our Cathedral. We will record and/or locate them within the Cathedral, Diocesan office and elsewhere (i.e. National Heritage Board collection). This includes documenting past publications which look at our Cathedral’s history. Even though we have limited physical space, we will also explore creative ways of displaying some artefacts from time to time.   

2. Telling the Stories 

We have a depository of many wonderful stories and testimonies. We can focus on various epochs or events from time to time. For early 2018, we are planning to tell the story of the Cathedral in the war years. We need to remember the faithfulness and sacrifice of believers then. This will be done through publications, information boards and guided tours. We are also exploring the possibility of using Apps for translation into other languages. Do you know of anyone who has lived through the war years or has access to personal stories or artefacts that pertain to our Cathedral’s history? Contact Joyce Ho at or email You are also welcome to speak with the committee members. 

In 2019, to coincide with the 200th year of the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles, we want to commemorate the early years of the Cathedral (mid 19th century, as St Andrew’s Church), which is of course wrapped up with the beginnings of our city-nation. Again, this will be creatively done to testify to what the Lord has done and the part Christianity has played in blessing our nation. 

3. New research

Building on the work done by a few, including Diffusing the Light by A/Prof Joseph Thambiah, we will continue to research our past. This will grow our depository of knowledge. As always, awareness of what has gone before us can guide us in the present and give us a deeper perspective of life and faith. It will also enrich the work of our volunteers and tour guides.  

The Heritage Committee seeks to help us to remember and tell our stories better. May the Lord be lifted up and glorified. If you would like to help in some way or have any feedback, please email or contact any of the Heritage Committee members. We appreciate your prayers in this unique and important ministry of the Cathedral.