Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


26 March 2017 | Vicar Writes

“Pick from among you…”

By Terry Wong

“And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples and said, “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables. Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this duty. But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” (Acts 6:2-4)

We have started the PCC nomination process earlier this year to make it easier for members to respond. PCC stands for “Parochial Church Council.” Chaired by the Vicar, this Board is the primary body endowed with the authority and responsibility over the affairs of

the church. She also represents the church in her dealings with external bodies.
The PCC is nominated and elected annually
in our AGM. The Vicar’s Warden is appointed by the Vicar whereas the People’s Warden is elected by the body. There are also four Synod reps elected, who serve for three years and participate in our Diocesan Synod body.  

Various sub committees are formed by the PCC to cover more specific needs of the church. Some of them include:

Finance and Assets Committee: This committee oversees the finances and assets of the Cathedral. This includes the external mission givings and related issues of financial governance. 

Building and Development Committee: This team oversees the development of our facilities and grounds to meet the ministry and community needs, may it be alterations or expansion.   

Heritage Committee: The team oversees the gathering and care of our historical archives and the development of our exhibits and tours. It will also help to liaise with the authorities and the public on matters of interest.  

Security Committee: This team oversees the security of our grounds and ensure continued and safe use for all. As the Cathedral is very open in her grounds and as a community, this team will also help to keep watch to ensure responsible behaviour of all concerned.   

Hospitality Committee: This team oversees the softer “people aspects” of our community, including providing drinks, hospitality, directional signs etc and ensure that the Cathedral can be a “home” for many. 

There are also other committees which are not listed here. They are all appointed by PCC, directly or indirectly. Most of them are chaired by a PCC member. In listing some of them here, you can also pray about serving in these sub-committees. We strive to find a balance, where there is a combination of paid staff team and active lay volunteers, all working hand in hand with the balance of responsibilities shifting according to the needs of the seasons. They will each contribute according to their training, experience and giftings. The Church is blessed with wonderful people  resources and this enables us to minister and function well in an ordered manner. The distribution of the decision making processes ensures an even-handedness and wisdom in the decisions we make.

To this end, I want to remind us to serve in the footsteps of the Lord, where there is inter-submission (i.e Ephesians 5:21), humility, graciousness and purity. In recognising His Body, we also seek to be a people of His presence, treasuring the guidance of the Spirit and the inspired wisdom of the Body of Christ, and prayerful in all we do. Having a strong Christian culture in our midst will ensure a community which can continue to grow with the least encumbrance of people politics, private agendas and self-interests.   

Let’s contine to strive side by side for the sake of the Gospel. (Philippians 1:27)