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Vicar Writes


17 February 2019 | Vicar Writes

In and Around

By Terry Wong

I had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year back in my hometown Petaling Jaya, in the very house which I grew up in as a child. We reconnected with family members and relatives over traditional dishes. The burning of fire-crackers was permitted for a limited period of time and we relived some of our childhood experiences. Indeed, we experienced the same smells, tastes, sounds and sights of CNY that we grew up with. Connections with one's past are important and I am reminded again of the grace of God which has carried us through all these years.  

On behalf of PCC and the team working behind the Bells Project, we want to thank all who have donated to the project. PCC has made a decision to purchase another four bells, plus an additional one for training purposes. In terms of names, as St Paul is already part of the original eight, this also means that we can now add St Matthias (Acts 1:26).

The bells have arrived safely in UK since early January (pictured above) and are now being repaired and refurbished. We are hoping that they can be back this year and be a part of our contribution to the bicentennial celebrations and Diocese's Year of Proclamation.

The plans to refurbish and restore the Nave (i.e. walls, windows) are underway and at the coming AGM, we will give more details and the cost estimates. The Cathedral will be playing a role to host a special Lessons and Carols Service in December to celebrate the Bicentennial Year with the rest of the nation. We hope some parts can be repaired in time for that.

Can SAC raise 1000 ushers and 200 counsellors to serve in the English/Filipino rally on Sunday, 19 May? I believe we can but it will take many small groups or families to encourage each other to participate. In a sense, we are spending that Sunday morning to worship the Lord in a different way. On that weekend, we will be running only two Services, 8 am and 11.15 am. Please sign up today. Your early response is needed and will help us to ascertain if we need to now ask other churches to help. But we'd like to believe that the Cathedral community can rise up to this unique call!

This Friday evening, we will be joined by Christians from other Churches at the Regional Prayer Meeting to pray for our nation and the coming COH events. Let's be there and keep our hearts burning for the things of the Lord and the salvation of others. [We need to seek the Lord together as His family.]

In recent weeks, the Cafe has begun to serve some drinks in porcelain cups during the weekdays. This is one small step in seeking to be more responsible vis-a-vis our environment. Much more needs to be done in SAC in this area and at the right time, we will continue to take further steps.

And did you know that you can download a digital copy of our weekly bulletin? As more of you do this, we can reduce the copies being printed.

Visit to download our weekly bulletin.