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Vicar Writes


1 March 2020 | Vicar Writes

If you are alert, you will know that the title above is also the tagline of our new Radio Streaming App.


The communications ministry of SAC has always sought to connect the SAC community to each other and the ministry and mission of the church. We also play a unique role as a Mother Church, connecting and resourcing our Anglican family here and in the deaneries. And as a church in the City, we are also a centre of spiritual and cultural influence, enriching the city in some unique ways. This is also consistent with the “physical” developments, may it be our building facilities or ministries.

This latest App simply enhances these directions. Firstly, we are using it as a conduit to the many media resources we already have, through curation or production. It is an “on-demand” library where you can have access to a wide range of resources for your personal enrichment. The resources include music and liturgy and tap on the rich heritage of the Anglican Church. Increasingly, there will be more educational talks and podcasts made available online. It goes without saying that online learning is now available in many universities in the world. Churches have every reason to do the same and add a biblical voice in the online sphere. Can you learn from the comfort of your home? Absolutely. We can imagine some DCBS talks or seminars being offered online. Some courses from our Faith and Life or Anglicanism tracks can be offered too.

Scan the QR Code to get the app.

Now, the streaming feature of the app simply allows us to curate some content for your daily edification. This feature also allows us to add “info bytes”: may it be a prayer, a piece of news or a devotional thought. We will also curate good Christian music for you, providing the necessary background information. Some of these songs can be in sync with what the SAC community is using for their worship. Those heading the worship ministry can use this app to educate as songs and hymns have an influential role in shaping hearts and minds. This can include locally produced music and indeed, we do have many gifted local singers and songwriters.

There are also plenty of good sermons around, whether preached in SAC or elsewhere. We would love to curate some of this for you. Some sermons ought to be shared beyond the local congregation. There are also some great podcast talks from our ministry partners which we can curate for you.

I should use the word “Apps” for SAC has two apps which function differently and complement each other. There are almost countless possibilities. An App, as with everything else, is just a tool. It can only facilitate a vision. It is not a vision in itself. It can only facilitate a Church community in her daily pursuit of the things of the Lord and a rich Christian community. Like any good tool, it can remain unused or otherwise.

The biblical call to pray unceasingly and to be a church which meets regularly for daily edification is finding modern expressions in a fast changing world. As we tune our hearts to Him, we will find the right avenues to grow.

You can download the app now by visiting the following link on your mobile phone:

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