Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


16 June 2018 | Vicar Writes

Camps & Gatherings

By Terry Wong

By the end of this week, both Jennifer and myself would have attended all five Service Camps in SAC!

We count it a real privilege to experience the life, ministry and ethos in each congregation and the different ministry which each speaker brings. These points are good to note:

In total, we have more than 600 campers participating in these Camps.

Each Service Camp undoubtedly enriches the life, vision and ministry of each congregation.

In each of them, there were good small group discussions based on what the speaker has taught. This reminds us again of the importance of our connecting our sermons with Connect Group discussions.

Adequate time was given to personal ministry, where people were individually prayed for. Space and time need to be created for this, which can be a challenge in our Nave Services.
There was good staff-lay partnership in the organising and leading of each Camp.

Will there be a Combined Camp in 2019? It will be unlikely as we need to focus on the Celebration of Hope Rallies in 17-19 May. It is likely that in 2020, Service Camps will be organised again.

Sometimes people ask me if having different distinction in our Services will lead to disunity. We believe that we should give priority to the pastoring of every individual and work at a rich community life. The unity between Service Pastors and their leadership teams are also strong and we do care for the wider SAC vision even as we build up each Service. Diversity in the way Anglicans worship should be embraced even as we each lean towards a particular worship culture.

It is also encouraging to see so many lay leaders serving, including traditional clergy responsibilities like preaching, teaching and visiting the sick. Our Service pastors appreciate and need every help, and as long as all our hearts are marked by Christ-like virtues like humility, mutual submission, prayerfulness and so on, each Service will thrive as everyone rises to serve.


Switching gears, we are encouraged by the good response and effectiveness of our Befrienders ministry to Myanmar visitors on our grounds. The team of volunteers headed by Lee Yew Seng have done work for 2 Sundays now. 8 visitors so far have responded to their interactions/invitations and turned up at the Myanmar Service.  The English classes have also grown. This outreach will also make it easier for SAC to administer a needed measure for security and order in a personal and friendly way. We still need more volunteers. Do read the bulletin for more info.

The Solemn Assemblies are around the corner. It is unprecedented to see the Body of Christ here praying this way. Every evening from 1st July to 8th August, there is a prayer gathering in at least 4 churches or locations. The focus is for our beloved nation and God's destiny for her. We will give more practical information on how to get to these gatherings closer to the dates of the events.