Vicar Writes

Vicar Writes


16 April 2017 | Vicar Writes

Blessed Easter to all!

By Terry Wong

“He is not here, He is risen, just as He said.” (Matt 28:6)

The resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the foundation on which Christianity is built. Without the resurrection, there would have been no Christianity, and the most dynamic movement in history would not have been. Someone who wanted to start a new religion thought he could get some advice from a Pastor. “Tell me, what was Jesus’ secret?” The pastor replied, “I should recommend that you first get yourself crucified and then die, but be sure to rise again the third day.”

Easter is the dawn of a new hope in our pilgrimage through a present world that is passing. We know what is coming and therefore, could live in the present with an Easter-filled hope, purpose and confidence. That is why Good Friday can only be called ‘good’ because of what has happened in the first Easter. If Good Friday is about the pain and suffering in the present creation which is passing away, the first Easter was about sparkling a hope for the new creation. 

We warmly welcome guests to all Easter Celebration Services this weekend, including those who are coming to witness the baptism at our Saturday Service. I recall my own baptism at the tender age of 13. As I look back, that has brought so many blessings to me, my siblings and parents. It is my prayer that for these individuals, this step into the Christian faith will also signal a change for the better in their lives and their loved ones. 

As for guest speakers, we welcome Pastor Don Wong, who heads up New Charis Mission to our Services at our Saturday Service, and Revd Dr Ephriam Radner, and his wife, Revd Dr Annette Brownlee to our Nave Services. Tony Low will also be sharing his personal story of healing and encounter with the Risen Lord at Acts Centre. Our Dean and Bishop is also speaking at the Dawn and 11.15 am Services. There will also be creative performances at the Saturday and Sunday 9 am Services and we are grateful for those who have commited themselves to serve in this way. 

Here in the Cathedral, we also run The Alpha Course which gives everyone an opportunity to explore the Christian faith. We warmly recommend this course to you and the next one will start in July. If you are interested, email for more information.

We also have many Connect Groups where you can connect with other friends in the Cathedral. Do contact us ( if you would like to visit or be a part of one of these groups. May this Easter be a life-changing experience for you. 

Our annual AGM is at 1.30 pm next Sunday (23rd) at the Prayer Halls. If you love the Church, do be there. Even if you are not officially a member yet but one in heart, do join in. Lunch will be served from 12.45 pm. We have put up posters of the nominees for PCC with the basic info in various spots in the Cathedral. Do keep a lookout, pray for them and prepare to vote. Even if not all can serve on PCC (assuming number of nominees are more than required), we do have various important sub-committees where those not voted in can still serve in.