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Vicar Writes


18 November 2018 | Vicar Writes

As We Approach The Season Of Advent…

By Terry Wong

The Diocesan Synod met on the 9th and 10th of November. The Synod is made up of clergy and elected lay representatives from our parishes and deaneries. The Synod assists the Bishop and the Standing Committee in the running of the life and affairs of the Diocese.

Some building projects were approved at the Synod, including the Pavilion. The latest design has been submitted to URA by our architect. As mentioned before, a generous worshipper in one of our Services is contributing to this project. Since a few years back, this person has journeyed with us in our search for a permanent alternative to the white tents adjacent to the Nave. We are also grateful for the help and advice of the authorities (URA and PSM). If all goes well, this project will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2019.

At the Synod, in his presidential address, Bishop shared on the need to keep a dedicated focus on the Lord and the work of sowing and reaping as we inch closer to the Celebration of Hope rallies in May next year. His full address, entitled “Total Dedication for God’s moment” can be read in the latest November issue of Diocesan Digest. He also urged us not to be distracted by matters of lesser importance or matters for “another time.”

One way which I have always found helpful to keep the spiritual focus is communal prayer. Life in our busy city has its usual busyness. Through prayer, we discern the will of the Lord and His Kingdom purposes in the daily  routines and concerns of our lives. Every relationship we have, from acquaintances to family members can be infused by the presence and lordship of Christ. It can change the motives of our hearts and texture of our conversations, framing natural opportunities for the gospel to be shared.

In particular, please pray for opportunities to sow in friendships as you work with your Connect Group members to organise a home Christmas party and invite friends. Do also bear in mind the many Christmas events which you can invite your friends to.

Advent will begin very richly with the performance and ministry of Sir Peter Low’s Choir on the Sunday evening of 2nd December. The costs of the tickets ($50/centre, $10/side aisle) - in support of Sulawesi Relief Fund - are well below the costs of tickets which this same choir will charge elsewhere. If you have been to one of their concerts, you will agree that it is of the highest professional standard. And yet, the musical experience is deeply spiritual and moving.

I should not fail to mention that our choir’s Lessons and Carols on the 16th of Dec (Sunday evening) is also a very special event. There will be a short Gospel message. Do invite your friends.

As the year turns, we can look forward to the January issue of our Courier magazine. The team has decided to release two issues per year, in the first and third quarter of the year. The editorial team is spearheaded by Philip Towndrow. While we wait for the printed issues, do note that there is a Courier Online where many teaching articles and testimonies are posted.