SUNDAY, 10.30AM, 19 MAY 2019


What is a volunteer expected to do?
Volunteers assist in various functions and departments at the Stadium to enable attendees to be presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Volunteers should
•     Be Christians above the age of 18 years
•     Commit to attending training sessions organised for their departments
•     Commit to serving at the Stadium on 19 May 2019 from 5/6am* to 1.30pm
•     Attend the final pre-rally briefing for ALL volunteers on 4 May, 9 am - 12 pm at St Andrew's Cathedral (CNS)
* reporting time varies with the different departments

Why do we need to be at the Stadium so early when the Rally starts only at 10.30am?
Volunteers need to report by 6 am as it would take time for all volunteers to 'check-in' ie. pass through security screening, receive the distribution of food packs, attend a final briefing session and move into positions at their respective sectors around the Stadium before gates open around 9 am.

Which departments can I serve in?
COH will do its best to accommodate your preferred department. Volunteers who register as a group will be assigned to serve in the same department/sector. SAC has been assigned the following 4 functions for the Rally:

1) Volunteer Management (Volunteers report at 5 am) Maximum No. of Required Volunteers Reached
•     'Checking-in' of ALL volunteers; distribution of volunteer lanyards
•     Channel ALL volunteers to Security screening
•     Lead each Department's volunteers to their respective briefing points around the Stadium
•     Assist COH Operations with on-demand requests

2) Logistics (Volunteers report at 5 am)
•     Transfer items within the Stadium
•     Distribute Communications sets to various departments
•     Distribute breakfast and bottle of water to ALL volunteers at respective briefing points
•     Co-ordinate with Sports Hubs personnel to ensure amenities are well-stocked
•     Assist COH Operations with on-demand requests

3) Usher Interior (Volunteers report at 6 am)
•     Guide guests from Stadium Gates to the open sections
•     Ensure guests fill every seat (no gaps in between/no reservation of seats)
•     Usher guests to required amenities
•     Maintain orderly pedestrian traffic in the Stadium
•     Assist COH Operations with on-demand requests

4) Counsellors (Volunteers report at 8 am)
•     No prior training is required (i.e. Andrew Initiative Training)
•     Help to take down particulars of those who respond to the altar call using the tracking app
•     Will be briefed on 4 May (9am to 12 pm) in SAC (including download and use of the tracking app)
•     Recruitment of counsellors closes on 22 April 2019

Can volunteers serve in more than 1 department?
No, that will not be possible for the purposes of this Rally.

How should volunteers be attired?
Each person will wear a standardised top determined by his/her department. Both men and women will wear pants (no shorts) with comfortable footwear (no slippers), and a security lanyard (issued by COH).

Will there be lockers provided to safe-keep my personal belongings while I serve?
No. Please bring only essentials such as your wallet and mobile phone. Every volunteer will be provided with a bottle of water. All bags will be subject to security checks.

Upon arrival at the Stadium, where do I report?
The reporting station is at the OCBC Arena (facing Stadium MRT Exit B). The Volunteer Management Team will be there to assist you with your registration.

If you are taking a taxi, alight at the OCBC Arena.
If you are driving, please note that Carpark C is the nearest to the OCBC Arena.
Parking rates are $0.64/half hour. No complimentary tickets will be issued.

Will volunteers be provided with meals?
After "check-in" volunteers will be given breakfast food and water.

Will volunteers be able to sit with their friends/quests?
No, as volunteers will be assigned duties throughout the Rally.


For further enquiries, please email:
COHenquiry@cathedral.org.sg or visit your Service Information Desk on the weekends.