Books for Sale at the Cathedral

The following resources are available for sale at our Welcome Centre. Please feel free to look through the available browsing copies and enquire with the staff at Welcome Centre if you wish to purchase them. The Welcome Centre is open daily from 9 am - 5 pm except on public holidays.

Honest Questions; Honest Answers
($5/- per copy)

This book has answers to 20 questions about God, Jesus and the relevance of Christianity in an age of science, logic and reason. Do you have questions about the Christian faith? Or do you know a non-believer who has questions about the Christian faith?

Some questions addressed in this title: If God is good, why does He send people to hell? If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? How can I be sure God exists? I am told God reveals Himself to different people in different forms and all religions points back to Him. True or false?

What Has Jesus Got To Do With Me?
($3/- per copy)

Do you know someone who needs to know God’s love and forgiveness? Or have you been wondering about who Jesus is and what difference He can make in your life? Perhaps you have always wanted to share your faith with your friends and loved ones but you just don’t know how or where to start.

This simple 6-session booklet is for you! It looks at what sort of man Jesus was when He was on earth. Who really is Jesus? What is so special about His death which happened 2,000 years ago? What did He promise to those who believe in Him? Buy a copy of this book and give it to your pre-believing friend for a gift. Buy and go through it yourself. It will be a life-transforming experience.

Building Faith Foundations
($5 per copy. Limited copies left.)

In a plural society, it is critical that we know the distinctiveness of our Christian faith, a distinctiveness in our beliefs and calling. Without a clear understanding of what we believe, who we are and what we are called to be, we cannot fully appreciate the marvellous work of God for our salvation. We also cannot live out our calling as God’s people to a world in need of Christ.

Building Faith Foundations is a 16-week study that challenges and teaches believers on what it means to live out their salvation according to the will and purpose of God for their lives. It covers the basic tenets of Christianity and what it means to follow Jesus.

The Baptism-Confirmation Course materials
($10/- for Members’ copy. $15/- for Leaders’ copy.)

This 8-session course material is written specifically to prepare candidates for baptism and confirmation in St Andrew’s Cathedral. Covering the basic tenets of the Christian faith and what it means to be baptised into Christ and being part of the body of Christ, it will help you to fully appreciate the sacrament of Baptism and the rite of Confirmation as practiced by the Anglican Church.

The materials are designed for group teaching and discussion. There are weekly Scripture Readings to cultivate daily devotional time with God, and also additional reading materials on discipleship, tithing etc as appendices. The members’ copy has blanks for key words to be filled in (answers are in Leaders’ copy) so that the participant is kept engaged throughout the teaching time.

Family Devotion Kits ($25/- per set)

Is your family devotion time getting a little stale and boring? Are you running out of ideas to engage everyone in the family? The Family Devo Kit equips you with 540 cards categorised into 6 easy steps to mix-and-match so that every devotion time is different! These devotional cards cover over 60 themes and also track the Liturgical Calendar so that the whole family learns about the times and seasons.

Law and Grace: Salvation, Sin and Good Works in the Christian Life
by the Revd. Canon Daniel Tong
($20/- per copy)

Super or hyper-grace teaching is gaining both adherents and detractors across continents and denominations. Those in support of this teaching find new liberty from guilt and condemnation in its emphasis on the grace of God; while others question the denigration of the law of God and the manner in which Scripture is interpreted. Without a doubt, the message has mass appeal; with the messengers who deliver the teaching being both charming and eloquent greatly aiding the cause. Is this a fresh revelation from God, or a deception of the devil? Why is Grace teaching so compelling, yet divisive? Are law and grace – both of God – truly opposed to each other? What is the root issue over which we are all concerned? This book will attempt to answer these questions and more. 256 pages.

Living Wisely, Finishing Well – A Collection of Sermons
by the Right Revd. John Tan Teng Wai
($10/- per copy)

As part of its vision to contribute towards Christian thinking and a biblical voice, the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship has decided to launch a series of books featuring sermons, messages or talks by its members. The first of these books is a collection of 15 sermons by the Right Revd. John Tan Teng Wai, who was the GCF President for three terms in the 1970s. He was also the founding principal of St Andrew’s Junior College and an Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore.

Leaning towards a biblical and expository teaching style, the Right Revd. John Tan Teng Wai shared his messages given over the past decades. 122 pages.


CSCA Lecture Series

No. 1 – The Quest for Covenant Community and Pluralist Democracy in an Islamic Context

No. 2 – Church and Mission in the New Asia: New Gods, New Identities

No. 4 – Understanding Christian Revivals

CSCA Occasional Paper Series

No. 8 – The Clock Tower Story: The Beginnings of Charismatic Renewals in Singapore

No. 9 – 妇女在教会的服事

No. 11 – Courage, Collaboration, and the Common Good: Reflections by Asian Women Theologians

No. 12 – 落地生根?中国移民与新加坡教会

CSCA Monograph Series

No. 3 – Iban Anglicans: The Anglican Mission in Sarawak 1848-1968

CSCA Historical Reprints Series

No. 3 – A Study of Thaumaturgical Movement in Singapore: The Christian Charismatic Renewal

CSCA Christianity in Southeast Asia Series

No. 6 – Engaging Society: The Christian in Tomorrow’s Singapore


Mission, Memory and Communion: Documenting World Christianity in the Twenty-First Century

CSCA Chinese Series


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