In this Covid-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to know that various members and groups in the Cathedral have gone out of their way to bring tangible relief to others in their difficulty.
Below are some ways that you can help these groups in the Cathedral’s outreach work.

We volunteer at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that serves around 6,500 meals daily.  During this pandemic time, they are faced with a shortage of help due to the MCCY safety measures, only 50 volunteers are allowed at any one time… 

Come and join us as an individual, as a connect group or as a family.
You can sign up at

At the start of the Circuit Breaker period, the Cathedral partnered Crisis Relief Alliance(CRA), to alleviate the situation in a number of the 110 factory-converted dormitories where migrant workers (mainly Indian and Bangladeshi) were being attended to by the CRA medical teams. With the financial support raised from members, we were able to provide each worker with a whole-fruits pack and snacks/care pack each week.  Volunteers applied precautionary measures and delivered these supplies to an average of 7,400 workers in up to 64 dormitories, weekly.

In post-Circuit Breaker, Phase 2, we adjusted our support so that whole-fruits packs were supplied weekly, to workers who were not yet able to leave their dormitories for work. On 31 July, we completed this relief work
of providing supplies to the dormitories. The estimated cost of this project was
$200,000. The total actual cost for this work for 15 weeks amounts to $210,000.

All contributions collected through the SAC-CRA Covid-19 Relief fund have been fully disbursed. This special account is now closed.  We would like to thank all who contributed their funds and shared their efforts in making this relief work possible. 

While the work of providing relief supplies is now completed, medical support and counselling for the migrant workers is still carried out by the CRA teams.  In addition,  the Cathedral’s BMW (Befriending Migrant Workers) Ministry continues to conduct online English Tuition for the workers in their dormitories 

The BMW English Tuition Programme
reaches Indian and Bangladeshi workers in their dormitories by providing online conversational English lessons. Each session is for 30 minutes and it is done via WhatsApp video. An average speaker of English will be able to make use of the lesson plans and conduct the sessions from home. Volunteers, especially men, are needed for this work.

On Friday nights (8.30pm – 12midnight), volunteers pair up to walk about the civic district (areas around the Cathedral) to befriend the homeless and to provide rough sleepers with help and support.  This Ministry is also looking to organize itself to reach the lonely elderly living in HDB rental flats.

Acts of Kindness
Individuals from St Andrew’s offer their time and resources to support professional social workers in their case work of caring for the needy.  This support is for a fixed term and it is mostly in the form of supplying groceries or supplies vouchers to disadvantaged families and children at risk.

Enquiries and Registration
To find out more on the above or to join in this #loveyourneighbour work, please email us at or phone 6337 6104 (leave a message and we will call you back).