About Us

The Bahasa Indonesia (BI) Service has its humble beginning in February 2006. The purpose of this service is to reach out to Indonesians living in Singapore and to nurture every believer to spiritual maturity for service to the world. When BI Service first started, it consisted of Indonesians and Singaporeans who wanted to learn Indonesian language. As time goes, the BI Service consists mainly of Indonesian professionals, students and domestic workers with few Singaporeans who can speak Malay.  In the BI service, we strongly believe that the Bible is necessary for knowing the gospel and for maintaining spiritual life. As a result of this belief we place a strong emphasis on the study of the Word of God in our service and also in our cell groups. We endeavor to be evangelical, charismatic and sacramental in our worship service style.

Weekly Services and Cell Group Meetings

We meet regularly every Sunday at 2.30pm at Chapel for All Peoples, St. Andrew’s Cathedral (next to Welcome Centre). Currently, we have two cell groups, one, every Sunday at 4.30-6pm and the other one every Friday, fortnightly at 8-10pm.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of the month (starting in Jan 2013) and is open to all confirmed members of the Anglican Church. Visitors who are communicant members in their own churches are also welcome to join us in Holy Communion.


Mr Victor Effendi